Sliding Gate for Driveway

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Automatic Driveway Gate ?

Oct 2012

We need an automatic driveway gate in Berkeley. Recommendations ?

Get one with a service contract. Our neighbor had two installed just over 2 years ago. (I think he spent about $20k) There's alway something going wrong. He just told me yesterday a circuit board is bad and they want $2,000+ to replace it. ANON

Sliding gate in fence - needs repair

Sept 2011

I have a sliding gate in a fence and we park our car behind it. It is stuck now and I have called several garage companies, but it seems that no one repairs this type of sliding gate door anymore. I have seen lots of these in other homes in Berkeley, so I hope someone has a recommendation for a repair person. I used to call a wonderful serviceperson named Mike who resembled Santa Claus, but I can't remember what company he works for and I lost his number when I got a new phone. I would love to find him again, but will take any recommendations! Thanks. - Trapped by my broken garage door

We have used 'R & S Erection Company of Richmond' several times for our gate. We've had no issues with their work or expertise. They have a website. em