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  • I have a history of ovarian cysts and need to be evaluated for a possible recurrence, but I'm currently in-between ob/gyns due to a job change. Can anyone recommend a (non-Kaiser) doctor highly skilled in gynecological surgery? Gynecology-only is fine. Thanks so much.

    I like my ob gyn- dr Lilia Lizano. I had a high risk pregnancy and asked around ( other nurses and doctors at Alta Bates) and was told that she is an excellent surgeon. I had a good experience with her with my c section ( although don’t have experience with ovarian cysts). 

    I had an ovarian cyst removed last week by Dr. Lager @ UCSF mission bay. She’s thoughtful, kind, skilled, and put me at ease about going under. Highly recommend. Happy to chat more if helpful 

    Hello! Earlier this year I had a twisted ovary due to cysts and Dr. Nseyo with Sutter (office at 2500 Miliva street) both diagnosed, and did the laparoscopic surgery to fix the problems. Mine was an emergency and I met her in the ER, and then continued care with her after.

    She is communicative, kind, through, and super skilled. I highly recommend her! 

    Dr. Karen Callen at Golden Gate Ob/Gyn. They’re in SF (a busy practice, but rightfully so, given their expertise!!) I would (have) trusted Dr. Callen with my life! She’s also just a great person, in addition to being a very skilled surgeon. Good luck. 

    Hi! I had an extensive myomectomy performed some years ago by Dr. Lizellen LaFollette, who I still see, and who delivered all three of my children via c-section. I have virtually no scars from any of my surgeries she performed. She is extremely skilled and competent, and I recommend her highly! She is located in Greenbrae, so you will have to cross a bridge to see her, but she is totally worth the drive. Hope this helps!

    I cannot recommend Dr. Cheruba Prabakar at Oakland Stanford OB Gyn enough. She was my OB and I was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy that resulted in an urgent surgery. Dr. Cheruba Prabakar did an amazing job at the surgery because my ectopic growth was very close to the ovary and even though I lost my fallopian tube which is typical of ectopic surgeries, she was extremely skilled to save my ovary. She is extremely grounded in research and I liked her bedside manners too.