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Seeking a basketball coach for a 9yo boy

March 2016 

Hi, I am a mother of two children, a daughter who is a 6 and a son who is a 9 years old. We live in El Cerrito. I am seeking a basketball coach for my 9 years old boy. Any advise and recommendation for basketball coach will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Try I used it and found a fabulous coach for my 12 year old son (Coach Dan O.) You can customize your search to find coaches that suit your and his needs. Hope this helps.

Basketball league for a 12 year old girl?

March 2015

My daughter wants to play fun yet competitive basketball year round. Can your recommend a club/league near Berkeley? Is Jadafly still in business? Thanks!

Hi, For Berkeley, there are 2 places that I know;  YMCA, they have 2 classes a week,1 day for practice and 1 day for games, each 45 min. We Basketball (, only has weekday evening class, once a week for 90 min. Both are good. YMCA good for beginner,they teach a lot of basic. We Basketball more into technique and games,not much basic. You can do one day trial at both location, before make decision. Hope this help. Mmaroon

Looking for a Basketball class for a 6 year old

Jan 2015

My 6 year old son would love to learn playing Basketball. We tried last year at the City of Berkeley Recreation - only that they played on high adult hoops - so my son couldn`t score, which was very frustrating for him. Does anyone know a class, where they lower the hoops for the kids? Would like to start in January/February. Thank you! Sandra

There is a Pee Wee Basketball class offered at Bushrod through Oakland Recreation Dept. where they use a lowered hoop. The class is on Friday afternoons with games sometimes on Sat. Becca

Basketball (Beginner) for 7 YO Girl

Aug 2014

My 7 year old is interested in trying basketball for the first time. She's not had a HUGE amount of experience with team sports (we've done a couple 'sessions' of Bladium soccer), so my husband and I are thrilled that she wants to try this fall. BUT... We live in North Berkeley, send her to private school, and we can't seem to find a basic, first class. The UC Village basketball class seems to be geared towards kids who get out of school early on Wednesday (not us) and the Bladium program appears to be similar in structure to their other classes, where my SUPER beginner daughter could be in a class with a phenom who is the same age... which is not ideal for either kid. I can't seem to find any specific options for first timers. Suggestions? Future basketball mama?

Hello! The Berkeley YMCA specializes in beginner level sports at this age, and especially Basketball. Bit of history - the YMCA invented the game . We have Girls Basketball for your daughter's age group starting in mid-September. Registration begins in August. For more information, please check our website at or call me at 510-665-3238. Eden

Rick, the same coach from UC Village has his own program called We Basketball. He runs Sat beginner level classes in North Berkeley. Just google we basketball berkeley and it will come up. He is a great coach and focuses upon skills and good sportsmanship. The classes for younger kids are co-ed but there are always at least 5-6 girls. My daughter really likes the classes. another basketball mom

Basketball class for 4 year old?

May 2014

My four year old has developed a deep love of basketball. He plays every night on our driveway with his tiny net. I'd like to get him in a class where he could learn a little technique and have some fun - something mellow, non-competitive for the most part, and age appropriate. Any suggestions? We are in Oakland - so something on this side of the bridge would be great. Thanks! mom of b ball lover

I know they have great age-appropriate basketball classes at the Berkeley and Oakland YMCA. My boys played there, then at school and now travel teams. They love it. Also Mom of B ballers Felicia

The YMCA has basketball classes for kids, the one in Richmond Hilltop and probably others too!


Warriors Basketball Camp

May 2014

Does anyone have experience with the Warriors Basketball Camps? They're held throughout the Bay Area and I'd like to sign up my son for their 1-week camp in July which will be held at the Warriors Training Camp in Oakland. I'd really like to know what to expect... Son Really Wants to Play

My 11-year-old son did the week-long camp last July with a few school friends. They all enjoyed it and said it was good quality, and more focused than some camps they had done, so there was less standing around or just shooting aimlessly. I visited once or twice and it was about 80% boys, but quite a few girls. The coaches seemed professional. On the last day (which you should note is only a half-day), they gave out all kinds of achievement certificates and recognized a lot of the campers for their efforts. As a bonus, the week they were there was the week the Warriors signed Andre Iguodala, so they all got to meet him, pose for pictures, etc. Very exciting. The facility is really nice too. My son is going back this summer. Warriors fan

Basketball for 8 year old

April 2014
Hi ! My son is really into basketball lately and I want to bring him to basketball class for him to experience more for the summer or so. Anybody has info for basketball for 8 years old boy? Thanks

Our son played in Coach Rick's leagues in Berkeley and Albany for several years with good results. He learned the fundamentals and to play with a respect for the game and your opponents and a whole lot more. And he had a lot of fun too. Our son is now 20 and he talks frequently of what he learned from Coach Rick and is grateful that he knows how to play the game. Website: Anon

Basketball clubs for teenage boy in Berkeley-Oakland-Albany

Sept 2013

Our family has just arrived in Albany and will stay here for the school year. Our son, 15, would very much like to play basketball and improve his game through clinics/workshops/teamplay (he has played for four years in Norway). The school he attends now has open gym, but he would like to train more. Can anyone provide us with advice as to who to contact for club play?

Mother of keen basketball player

If you want to play for fun, you can check out your local YMCA for recreational leagues. If you want serious skill development, you should check out ASA Basketball. They run all their clinics on the other side of the hill (Concord, Walnut Creek, Danville, etc) but have excellent coaches with years of experience. Many of the coaches are also affiliated with De La Salle basketball and they run a tight ship. My son learned more from ASA than from any other coach he has ever had (and he has had many!). They have teams which play in the MVP Flight League based in Walnut Creek. You can find them online at

--Basketball mama

Basketball programs for 7 year old

March 2013

My 7 year old really wants to play more basketball after a great winter season with a program that only runs November - February. After much googling, the only program I found that has a team his age and within reasonable distance to us (north Berkeley), is the East Bay Soldiers. Has anybody had or have a child playing with this group? What are your experiences? How organized is the program? How are the coaches in terms of skill development, nurturing the love of the game and general demeanor with the kids? What is the parent community like? Any information or recommendations for other programs to check out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

If you are talking about the Oakland Soldiers AAU team, they are very competitive and basically prepping kids who will try to get recruited for college basketball. You have to try out for their teams and they play to win. I'm not sure if this is the same team you are talking about, but worth looking into since it sounds like you are looking for something different. --former basketball mom

Triple Threat Academy is an organization designed to promote skills development to kids of all ages. TTA is run by people who love the game and also love working with kids. At such a young age, this type of environment will nurture a childs interest in basketball much more so than just playing in a league. I couldn't recommend this more. Tony Freccero and Lou Richie (the 2 Directors of TTA) are both very high character guys and both have enormous experience in teaching the game. Mike W

Rick Slettedahl teaches a number of youth basketball classes in Berkeley and Albany, and is a great coach and teacher. Check out his website for more information: Patricia

Basketball class/club for 10-11 year old girls

Feb 2013

I am looking for recommendations for a basketball class or club for girls age 10-11. She's got a bit of experience but not much. Location should be Albany or Berkeley. Many thanks for any suggestions, Julia

Rick Slettedahl is fantastic. He has camps, classes and leagues. He runs some at Archway in Berkeley and others at UC Village in Albany. Excellent instruction and a strong emphasis on respect and team play (which I find lacking in many kids today). Check out, his email is also on the site Basketball Fan

Check out Village Basketball at U.C. Village in Albany. The Coach Rick Sletterdahl teaches co-ed classes and basketball leagues for kids from elementary school to middle school. My 10 year old daughter has been taking classes with him since she was in 2nd grade. He's an excellent coach and the kids really like him. He also teaches classes for girls on Tuesday evenings at Calvary Presbyterian Church Gym on Virginia St. in north Berkeley. His website is Cell: 510-932-6584. Tracy

Try We Basketball with Coach Rick (and all his great coach helpers). Website is here: . My son and daughter have been taking his classes for years-- he has different classes in Berkeley (Calvary Presbyterian Church Gymnasium) and UC Village gym in Albany. Evening classes are separated by gender, weekend ''league'' is co-ed. All good-- he breaks down basketball into the basics so everyone learns how to play and then builds up their skills at their own pace. Luisa

2010 - 2012 Recommendations

Basketball classes/team for 11 year old

Sept 2012

My 11.5 year old, starting 6th grade, would like to play basketball this fall. I'm aware of Jadafly and Triple Threat Academy, through the Baladium (although there seem to be other locations than Alameda). This would be his fall sport, for which he would give up both fall baseball and soccer, so he'd like something fairly serious. At least one practice and a weekend game would be great. He has never played organized basketball, although he has devoted his recesses to it. Both in terms of athleticism and height, he's not a superstar, although I think he knows the fundamentals. Will we be able to stay in/near Oakland? Are there other opportunities I should consider? ann

You have great timing! We are about to have try-outs for our AAU basketball teams. AAU basketball is a perfect way to get your child into a competitive basketball league that practices 2 times a week and has a game most Saturdays. The season runs from Sept. 15th - Feb. 23rd (2013). AAU tryouts are scheduled to take place Saturday Sept. 8th, and Sunday Sept. 9th. Each day will be from 12-2pm upstairs in the gyms at the Downtown Berkeley YMCA branch. Costs: $600 (AAU membership and team/league//tournament fees), $165 (includes uniform and apparel). Financial assistance and monthly payment plans are available.

The YMCA also offers Youth programming on Saturdays and has a co-ed middle school basketball class from 1-2:30pm each Saturday between Oct. 6th and Dec. 15th. This class will focus on skill development and include games at the end of the sessions. Cost is $88 for full YMCA members, and $128 for program members.

I hope you find the right program for your son! For more information, contact us at 665-3234. Eden O.

Basketball lesson for 5 years old

Aug 2012

My 5 years old boy would like to practice baseball. Do you know where he can practice? We are living in North Berkeley and he never praised it. Can you recommend a nurturing place and affordable place. stuart

The Downtown Berkeley YMCA offers Youth Basketball and the Fall session will begin Oct 6. We'll host a free training workshop on Saturday, Sept 22 for your sons age group and that is a great way to try it out. For more information, check out our program brochure (page 3-4) at or send me and email or give me a call at 510-665-3238. Eden O.

Triple Threat Academy is the best! My son is older but I've watched the classes for children your son's age. The coaches are great and use the perfect balance of skill-building drills and fun and games. You see the improvements in the fundamentals while the kids increase their love of basketball. Throw in some age- appropriate competition (very minimal for small ones), respect for others, and team-building. It's everything a parent could ask for. Y.

Summer Basketball League for 12 year old girl

April 2012

Hello, Has anyone had any experience with the summer Youth Basketball League at the YMCA in Oakland? The league runs from June 13 through August 31 this year. It sounds like it would be fun activity for my 12 year old daughter who needs more playing time. Are there any other summer basketball leagues out there worth mentioning? Thank you. Baller Mom

Check out Jadafly- Really well run, great environment and led by a private middle school director. Lori

If you are willing to drive thru the tunnel, ASA Basketball (check them out on the web) does an excellent job of individual skill development. They are very different from other programs because their main focus is skills. They play in the MVP Flight league in Walnut Creek/Concord but have a rather unorthodox approach to games. They treat games as ''live'' practice and each possession is considered a drill. They sub constantly and expect each player to go 100% for two minutes. They never scrimmage at practice, they rotate drills for the entire time. The program has grown so much they may have separate practices and teams for girls, but in the past, girls just played with the boys. They are now taking sign ups for summer and fall ball. Definitely worth investigating if her goal is to be a better player. --Basketball mom

Looking for basketball team for my 9yr old daughter

Aug 2011

i have a 9yr old daughter that has 1yr experience with cyo basketball last year. i need help finding her a team sport.

My daughter (4th grader) has been taking basketball classes at UC Village with Rick Slettedahl for ~2 years now. Great fun, good learning, coed, coach emphasizes teamwork and effort/improvement, teaches skills for bball and beyond. My daughter (4th grader) has been taking basketball classes at UC Village with Rick Slettedahl for ~2 years now. Great fun, good learning, coed, coach emphasizes teamwork and effort/improvement, teaches skills for bball and beyond. Here's the link: Coach Rick: rickslet [at] Basketball mom

Basketball team for 8 year old

Nov 2010

Looking for recommendation for basketball team/league for 8 year old in Oakland/Berkeley area....for 2010 winter season after school/weekends. Also interested if anyone has any experience with Jadafly League in Oakland?

My son loved playing in Rick Slettedahl's classes and leagues at the Calvary Church in Berkeley and at University Village in Albany, starting at age 9 or so and then on and off through 8th grade. Rick has years of experience with kids of all kinds and knows how to organize games and foster sportsmanship without killing the competitive spirit. He has a bunch of great coaches who work with him in the league. It has a nice community feeling and the kids learn all the necessary skills and strategies. Check out his website: Dana

Looking for Basketball league for 3rd grader

Oct 2010

Hi, My 3rd grade son loves basketball. He wants to play on a team not take classes or go to a drop in/non-competitive league. We are looking for a league where he can play on a basketball team. Any suggestions? Thanks Rochelle

Hi Rochelle, I am the director of Jadafly Basketball Academy that operates in Oakland. We are a year-round program for k-12th grade. We have teams that represent Jadafly in the MVP Flight league this fall. We are in the registration process for our own winter league that is starting Nov 1.

One unique feature about Jadafly Basketball is that I will donate 10% of registration fees back to your school's athletic program.

In addition, we offer camps during winter and spring breaks. You can find more information at If you want, you can check out a practice for our 3rd/4th grade fall league team. Send me an email to arrange a visit. See you on the court! Ray jadaflybball [at]

The City of Piedmont recreation dept runs basketball classes for kids. My son did this last year. They have a kid-sized court they use. The cost is very reasonable and it's low-key and fun.

Basketball coach for 16yo daughter

Sept 2010

My 16 year old daughter wants to work out with a personal basketball coach once or twice a week after school/weekends. She is a serious player and wants to play on a good team above and beyond her small private high school this year. Any coaches in the East Bay area? charlotte

I'm sure there are many good coaches in the area, but here is an alternative that worked for my daughter. We contacted the UC assistant soccer coach, whom we knew through soccer camp, and asked if there were any players that would be interested in working one-on-one with my daughter. There were, and my daughter met with 2 wonderful women over a few months who helped her to improve her game. worth a try

My son loves to play basketball and I highly recommend Triple Threat Academy. The founders Tony and Lou are great. Like all great coaches they don't just teach basketball but also talk to the kids about life skills, manners and really get the kids thinking. Their Basketball workouts are intense and designed to take any level player to the next level. They offer group, semi-private and private workouts. You can find more info at Mom of a Basketball Kid

Basketball for 6yo not into team sports

Aug 2010

I have a 6 year old boy who is not at all interested in team sports like soccer or t-ball, but that may be because he thinks it will be too hard for him, or because he's never really done it much before. It seems like most of the boys in his kindergarten class last year were involved in both of these sports, and I worry that he will not fit in, or that he will not have the skills needed to be part of the sports later on if he chooses. So I'm wondering if I should push him to sign up for at least one of these, just to give it a try, or if I should not worry about it and let him decide when to play. He has tried gymnastics, but was not too interested in that. The martial arts are another possibility, and we haven't tried that yet. Mostly he just wants to play his own games! So if anyone has any ideas about a program that might work for a boy like this, please let me know. Thank You

I really like Rick Slettedahl's basketball program at I'm not sure if he starts at 6 years old, though he does have basketball hoops that are lower for the younger kids. He teaches the basics of the sport, how to pivot, where to aim on the backboard, and I find that a nice place for a child who is lacking sports confidence. He also focuses on the social and team aspect of the sport, which is character building. That said, some kids just don't do team sports, and individual sports may be more where your child will have success... mom of boys

Seeking Mellow, Regular Men's Basketball Game

April 2010

Since my wife got pregnant my exercise habits and basketball skills have gone the way of the dinosaurs. My daughter's now 2 and I'm ready to get back out on the B- Ball court. I played basketball for my high school and recreationally through college and beyond. Before my wife got pregnant I was playing b-ball in SF with some buddies one to two times a week, but those guys have moved away and the wife and I moved to Oakland. Three years have gone by and now I'm 37 and not as skilled, spry or in shape as I once was. I'm not interested in getting into fist fights or getting dunked on all day by 19 year old junior college dropouts, I just want a mellow, competitive, fun weekly game. Anyway, does anyone have a suggestion of a friendly weekly evening or weekend pick-up basketball game, ideally at a gym, in or around the Piedmont/Montclair/Rockridge area? What about a nearby 35 and over basketball league? I'm willing to drive to Berkeley or other parts of Oakland if it's worth the effort. Thanks,

My 38-year old husband likes to make it to the weekly men's basketball game at our church when he can. Monday evenings at 7:30 at First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley (at Dana & Channing, parking available). There's a blurb at the bottom of this page:

Just grown men shooting hoops. I think they normally play several games and mix up teams as needed. Could be just the mellow game you are looking for

Swimming or Basketball camps for 15-year-old

April 2010

Are there any all day camps for 15 y o teens that are either ONLY swimming, or ONLY basket ball (or swimming AND basketball!!)? My son generally has never liked typical camps that do a variety of activities. However, he loves basketball and I think would do well at a camp that pretty much does b-ball skills all day, a late swimmer, a camp that is pretty much just...learning to and improving swimming skills. Thanks for any ideas. anon mom

Rick does basketball camps in Berkeley & Univeristy Village. Rick: 932-6584. He is great coach! micky

I have a recommendation for the best basketball camp ever. It is in San Francisco/Marin/South Bay though. It is called Legarza Basketball. This camp is amazing. The counselors are great - super enthusiastic, polite, friendly, structured, inspirational. The camp has a slightly religious bent, being based in Christianity, but we are atheists and didn't feel offended at all by the inspirational fliers that got sent home. In fact, they were very inspirational! This camp is in a class of its own. It's the type of camp you always wanted, with caring enthusiastic counselors who are in it because they love working with kids. They get the kids really excited about basketball. They pump the kids up, no matter their ability. Really, to watch it--it's enough to bring tears to your eyes. Highly recommended. Check it out. octobercat

1. UC Berkeley Cal Athletics has gender and age-based summer camps in individual sports--including basketball and swimming. Their camps tend to be at the main Cal campus' athletic facilities. Their web site:

2. Cal Recreational Sports runs the Cal Youth Camps (for ages up to 16 years) that has specialty camps, skateboarding, gymnastics, the multi-activity ''Blue'' camps, rock climbing, sailing, social skills, science and sports, leadership training, etc. Many of their camps are at the very top of Dwight Way, on Sports Lane. Their web site:

For the life of me, I have never been able to figure out the difference between these two camps' respective sponsoring organizations (Cal Athletics versus Cal Recreational Sports): they are ultimately both run by UCB. Check them out: both are great. Linda

Freed Athletics Basketball Camps

March 2010

Our 5th grade son attended Ryan Freed's basketball camp in February and had a great time. It was a perfect mix between instruction and games. As an experienced youth sports coach, I appreciated the way that Ryan was able to inspire the kids to improve and how much fun he created. Ryan is an excellent teacher of the game of basketball. He is hosting another basketball camp in Oakland April 5-9. For more information on this and other Freed Athletics camps, please see Eric

Looking 4 Basketball league for 2nd gr Boy in Oak

Feb 2010

I have a tall, soon to be 8 year old, boy who loves to shoot baskets in the driveway and I'm trying to find a Basketball League in the North Oakland/Temescal area. Heard a lot about CYO from friends in the North Bay and that seems like a great option. What experiences have people had with Oakland CYO? What about YMCA kids leagues? Has anyone had good luck with that? I actually heard a discouraging story about similar aged, very talented, kid playing at the Y on a league team. At the start of the season this young boy was totally psyched to join his first team but after an entire season of running up and down the court and not once being passed the ball in a game he was completely demoralized and swore he never wanted to go back. This is my nightmare! I just want a gentle introduction to the game for my son, just like the wonderful, nurturing experience we've had with Rockridge Soccer. Any ideas? Desperately seeking hoops Hoop Daddy

I recommend Rick Slettedahl's basketball programs. He really teaches the basics of team ball. He is in Berkeley and Albany. My children have grown both personally and in their basketball skills. basketball mama

2007 - 2009 Recommendations

Basketball league for 8 year old

Aug 2009

I have a tall, soon to be 8 year old, boy who loves to shoot baskets in the driveway and I'm trying to find a Basketball League in the North Oakland/Temescal area. Heard a lot about CYO from friends in the North Bay and that seems like a great option. What experiences have people had with Oakland CYO? What about YMCA kids leagues? Has anyone had good luck with that? I actually heard a discouraging story about similar aged, very talented, kid playing at the downtown Oakland Y on a league team. At the start of the season this young boy was totally psyched to join his first team but after an entire season of running up and down the court and not once being passed the ball in a game he was completely demoralized and swore he never wanted to go back. This is my nightmare! I just want a gentle introduction to the game for my son, just like the wonderful, nurturing experience we've had with Rockridge Soccer. Any ideas? Desperately seeking hoops Hoop Daddy

I recommend Rick Slettedahl's basketball programs. He really teaches the basics of team ball. He is in Berkeley and Albany. My children have grown both personally and in their basketball skills. basketball mama

Fall Basketball for 7-yr old

Aug 2008

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a basketball class or league for a 7-yr old -- either fall or winter? My son is developing an obsession but it's surprisingly hard to find one. All the posts I found were for summer camps. Thanks. Sam

My almost 7 year old is also obsessed with basketball. I noticed that The Bladium in Alameda has a ''league'' for 7 year olds but we haven't tried it. There was a Father-Son 24-hour basketball camp at St Mary's a few weekends ago - hubby and son went and really enjoyed it. You might want to check on action like that too. Best hoop wishes! Sue

Check out University Village; their basketball program is great, reasonably priced, and starts in October. One of the coaches there also runs an excellent fall basketball program in Berkeley. Check out his program at m

Looking for a basketball camp for a 10 year old

May 2008

Hi, My 10 years old plays basketball 3 times a week, and we are moving to Berkeley area this summer. I am looking for a basketball summer camp for him. Does anyone have information about such camp or program? Thank you, Kiki

We've registered my son, who's 10, for one session of Cal Basketball camp. His buddies did it last summer and raved about it. Basketball Mom This is a fabulously run basketball camp. The coaches are enthusiastic, friendly, and the kids have a blast. They give out t shirts and basketballs to every camper. They are inspirational with regards to team building, positive thinking, and general sportsmanship. We loved this camp. It takes place in San Francisco. Check them out. happy camper

Basketball camp for competitive player

April 2008

Hi parents, My 12 y.o. son plays lots of competitive basketball and is looking for a good skills camp this summer. Ideally it is located in the East Bay (but Lamorinda is okay too), is not super expensive, has lots of good competitive skills instruction but is still fun (no yelling, trash talking, etc). Lots of structure and a good adult:kid ratio are also important. Last thing -- he is guard/small forward and a position-specific camp would be great. He tried the Albany village camp a few years ago and did not like the large amount of time spent playing games (not basketball). Although he is young, he is very focused on improving his skills and does not need a we-just-want-everyone-to-learn-to-love-the-game type camp. He already loves the game and wants to get better at it. He doesn't want to feel like he's in boot camp, but he doesn't want to feel like he's wasting his time either. Does anyone know of a camp that is fun and focused at the same time? Basketball mom

There is a great basketball camp in the summer at Salesian High School in Richmond. The head coach of the high school varsity team runs the camp and many of the JV and varsity players are 'counselors'. The ratio of campers to counselors is great, plus the campers get to meet high school players and learn from them and spend time with them. My son loved it. It's very affordable too - I don't know what the current price is, but you can check out Salesian's whole summer program at their website: happy camper

There is a weekly basketball camp at Salesian High School for 4th-8th graders starting 6/16 and running for 4 consecutive weeks. The staff includes current Salesian High players as well as visiting coaches and guest speakers. My 11 year old will be going for the first time this year, but I heard about it from an acquaintance who said his son loved it last year. Contact Bill Mellis, the camp director at 510.234.4433 ext 1010 or e-mail redandblackbasketball [at] marika

The St. Mary's basketball camps might be more what your son has in mind. Check out their boys basketball camps page here: Good luck.

I know you mentioned not liking the program at University Village. However there are 2 programs there. Kids' Corner camp is not the program I send my son to for basketball. There is a camp that is 100% basketball there, and my son has greatly enjoyed it and really advanced his skills. It is only available for a couple of weeks. Last summer my 12 year old did both the morning and afternoon sessions of basketball and came home pretty tired. You can get more info from the coach's website: mama of a future pro player

UCBerkeley Basketball Camp for boys

Feb 2008

Has anyone had recent experience with the basketball summer camp offered by the UC Berkeley athletic department? I'm interested in it for an 8yr old, and a 12 yr old boy. They play in basketball leagues, but I'm hoping that the camp isn't too competitive. Also, 9:30am -3:30pm seems like a long day of just basketball. If you have had a boy that has gone to this camp, or have any advice about basketball camps, I would appreciate it. BB Mom

BB Mom, My son went last summer as an 8 year old and absolutely loved it. I too thought it sounded like a looong day of 100% basketball, but apparently not. He wants to go for both sessions this year. Also, my son loves basketball but is by no means the next Baron Davis, so although it may be intense it is not overly competitive. The only downside to the program that I saw was driving to the campus every day (I live in So. Berkeley) but other than that it was great. Fran

2004 - 2006 Recommendations

Week-long camps for entering high-schooler

March 2006

I'm trying to find out about week long basketball camps (day camps) in the east bay (berkeley/oakland/el cerrito area) for boys entering High School. estelle

Salesian High School has a summer basketball camp for kids at their campus in Richmond. It is run by Bill Mellis, a highly respected basketball coach. The Salesian team just won the North Coast Section championship on Saturday! I know the camp is for all skill levels and has sessions for about a month, which you can sign up for on a weekly basis. You can call the school at 510-234-4433 and ask for a brochure. Susan

Girls' Competitive Basketball League Program

Dec 2006

I'm looking for a competitive basketball league for girls, either all-girl or co-ed. My daughter is 12 and plays on her middle school team, but they don't have much funding, so coaching staff is made up of volunteers with limited time. She'd really like to improve her skills and level of play. Does anyone know of any leagues, preferably in the Berkeley area? We'll travel if needed. Thanks! Nancy

If you are willing to travel one city over from Berkeley, Orinda Rec has one of the best girlb10>Summer basketball camp for son and daughter s basketball programs. The coaches really work with the kids. My daughterb10>Summer basketball camp for son and daughter s 8 team for 8 year olds has 3 coaches plus assistants. They spend a lot of time with each kid to make sure they are progressing and learning good techniques.

Summer basketball camp for son and daughter

March 2004

I'm looking for summer basketball camps for both my 7 y.o. son and 9 y.o. daughter (will be 8 and 10 by summer). I checked the archives and plenty were listed but none were really ''reviewed'' either positively or negatively. Can anyone comment on their experiences with Cal (Ben Braun camp and/or girls camp), Albany Village or Warriors summer basketball camps? In particular, was it hard to get in (did you have apply really early)? Did your kid learn a lot? Was it fun? What is your assessment of the competition vs. teamwork aspects of the camp? Any other recommendations in the East Bay? Thanks! D. M

My daughter, now 14, has been playing basketball for 4 years, recreationally and competitively, and has gone to many basketball camps. For the most part, she's preferred all-girls camps to coed camps although she thought the Warriors basketball camp was fun. She says it's a good camp to develop some skills for kids starting out. I think they tend to fill up early. Another great camp to develop skills are the Holy Names Hoops camps that Steve Spencer runs at Holy Names College in Oakland. They alternate girls-only weeks with boys-only weeks. Call 436- 1584. They don't even publish their brochure until spring break but then they fill up pretty fast. My daughter thinks that Caren Horstenmeyer's Girls Basketball Camp at Cal is really good for kids who want to work a little harder & develop their skills more. It's usually held the 3rd week in June. (Go to & look under Athletic Camps.) One program we haven't tried but is well-regarded by a coach friend of ours is Excel in Basketball in Contra Costa county. Contact Brian Sullivan at 925-798-6502. One program we didn't like, but that other people think is a good one for working on fundamentals, is Super Skills Basketball camp. My daughter thought it was grueling, humiliating and punitive. We don't have any experience with the Albany camps. Good luck! Basketball mom

My son liked the Cal Basketball camp, which he did the last two summers. He found it fun, and I think he gained some skills. However, I'm not thrilled with either the cost or the drop-off/pick-up logistics. When he was 8 or 9 we tried the camp at St. Mary's High School in Berkeley. He didn't love it, but I believe that's because it was more drill-oriented. I think now that he's 12 he might like it much more. Last summer he did the Salesian High School camp and loved it. It seems to be a good combination of drills, games, and fun. However, the location is terrible for us (Salesian is in Richmond/San Pablo). Both St. Mary's and Salesian are slow to get their programs organized. I'm planning to call both in the next few weeks to see if they have decided on schedules and costs. Both are much less costly than Cal, but I don't think they offer extended care for working parents (though I don't know for sure). Maria

My son has attended both the Albany Village and the Cal Basketball camps. He did a 2 day Warriors camp over Winter break. Only the Warriors camp required an especially early enrollment, and all were fun for him. (He's 12 now - he's done the Cal camp for the past 4 years, and the other two just this past year.) He did learn some specific basketball skills, especially at Cal Camp, but also at Alb. Village. He thought the Warriors camp was disorganized, and the kids were mostly on their own just playing the game. He is looking forward to signing up for Cal Camp again this year - his 5th year there! happy camper

2003 & Earlier

Summer basketball camp for 8-year-old son

March 2003

Our 8-year old son is seemingly now interested in basketball, although his interests are kind of like a moving target. As we are now collecting information about potential summer camps, we would be grateful for any recommendations for basketball camps in the East Bay. Thanks.
Former soccer mom

The Orinda Community Center holds summer camps and various sports camps throughout the year. The link is Also St Mary's College also has Summer sports camps for youths. The college main phone number is 925.631.4000. Good Luck Amy

Holy Names College in Oakland has a great Summer basketball camp. My eleven year old son attended last Summer and the Summer before, and really enjoyed it. Cassia

Basketball for 7-year-old girl

March 2003

I checked the UC parents website and couldn't find much about anywhere to go for good instruction on basketball for my 7 yr. old daughter. She is enrolled at Cal for the 1 week coach's camp, but in the meantime, she wants to play somewhere. Either a group, league, or drop-in on a regular basis would be great- I'd like to keep her enthusiasm going. I live in El Cerrito and work in Oakland, somewhere near either location would be ideal. I also know it's kind of off-season right now, but maybe there's something out there? Jeanne

Hi-the Albany Y has a wonderful girls basketball program which my two girls (8 yrs. old) loved! I believe the girls program is over now, but basketball at the Y continues with a coed class which I am sure is equally wonderful although I have no personal experience with it. Also, check out the UC University Village Rec. Center in Albany - some good basketball there as well. Have fun! Patricia

Check out the Berkeley YMCA. They are doing a spring Basketball program on Saturdays. Sign up starts March 15th. If I remember correctly it included a separate time for Girl's BBall. My sons - age 5 and 7 greatly enjoyed the Winter BBall program there. ellen

The Albany Y has a girls' basketball league for practice & play, but it just ended and now they're onto the co-ed league. It might not be too late to join - you could call and ask. Definitely keep the girls league in mind for next winter, though, because it's very fun and not intimidating. Plus, the kids love Don, the league instructor/coach. They also have a girls sports camp, in which all sorts of sports are played, but basketball is one of the main sports, so that might be good. I was just looking at the info on the website, which is pc

My daughter just finished a girls basketbal session at Albany YMCA. It is a wonderful fun program that they have been doing for years. My older daughter attended years before. They have just started a co-ed session with the same coach. I think it is 3rd-5th graders but if your daughter has experience and they have space it might work. My daughter was 8 with no experience and loved it. It is Tues & Thurs afternoon practices usually 3:30 - 4:40 and games on Fridays at 6 or 7 lynn

Summer basketball camp for visiting nephew

May 2001

Hi, I'm looking for recommendations or advice on finding out about summer day camps, particularly a basketball camp, for my nephew who is coming from Venezuela for six weeks this summer. His English is not great, and while his mom wants him to learn English here, I'd also be interested in hearing about any Spanish speaking alternatives. Thanks Christy

My 13 yr old son has gone to the Cal Coaches Basketball camp at U.C. Berkeley and has enjoyed it a lot. It is a very large group of kids so it can be a bit intimidating, ,but they have alot of staff - Cal students and assistant coaches. I bet several of them would be Spanish speaking. You can call the UC Basketball office to get more info. Can also call Cal Youth SPorts or Cal Adventures to find out the right office and contact person for sign-ups. I also recently get a brochure for the Warriors basketball camp. Friends of my son did this camp last years and They meet at the Warriors new practice facility in downtown Oakland. Robin

basketball camp - Cal basketball coach ben braun runs a one-week long basketball camp for boys. there is only one session for each age group, I think. Kate

Basketball Club for high schooler

March 2001

Does anyone know about basketball leagues or clubs in Berkeley/Oakland? My son is finishing his middle school basketball season, probably won't be able to be on a high school team, but would like to continue playing.

To the Person who wanted information on basketball leagues: The city of Berkeley sponsors what is called Twilight League on Friday nights. There is also a local AAU basketball organization called Slam 'N Jam. Some of their teams are very high level (i.e. the players are potential Division I College Recruits. I believe they also sponsor teams that you can simply sign up for. City of El Cerrito has a very good youth basketball program, but I'm not sure if it continues through high-school age. Also berkeley YMCA has Open Gym for basketball a couple of times a week--for pickup games. Marilou

Girls' Summer Basketball Camps

March 2003

I'm looking for Girls Basketball Clinics for a 13 year old for the summer or during the year. Does anyone know if Gene Nakamura still runs a summer camp for middle school girls? or if there are summer camps at BHS happening for this year. Anyone been to any of these or others. I appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

Gene Nakamura does still have 2 one week sessions of basketball clinics for girls, starting in mid-June. They run out of the gym at Berkeley High School.

Rick Sletterdahl runs a basketball program during the summer at Albany Village. Some of the sessions are co-ed. Some are for girls only.

Don Burl does a basketball league for girls out of the Albany Y. It may be spring only.

Cal has done a girls' basketball camp during the summer, I don't know about this coming summer.

Berkeley Youth Alternatives runs basketball camps during the summer, usually co-ed. Lori

May 2000

For basketball summer camp for girls, contact Gene Nakamura at Willard Middle School in Berkeley. Flora

  BHS has a summer camp - The Stelton Mitchell Fundamental Basketball Camp at the Donahue Gym on June 19-23                  Session #1 8:30-11 (Elementary /Jr Hi)                 Session #2 11:30-2 (High School)  Expense: $100. (camp T-Shirt, basketball & certificate of participation) Registration: Deadline June 15th  Brochures are available - contact Coach Mitchell at the Donahue Gymnasium  644-6855 (???? due to the fire)       


Girl's Basketball Camp at University Village for ages 10-14 from July 31-Aug 4 from 1:00-4:00 pm. The cost is $90 for the week. For more information call (510) 524-4926 or email: uvrec AT

Dawn Martin-Rugo, Director of Recreation Programs June 2000