Basketball classes for a 3 year old

Hello! Does anyone have any basketball lessons/teams they recommend for 3 year olds?

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The Berkeley YMCA offers parent-child basketball classes for 3-4y olds. My son is in the older range, but  really enjoys it. They are starting new sessions June 8. 

The Berkeley and Oakland YMCAs both offer basketball classes for ages 3-4 that are GREAT! A grownup needs to attend the 30 minute class with the child. The next session starts this Saturday and is available to Y members and non members.


I've recently moved to the US so don't know the answer to your question, but I used to be a professional basketball player and was coaching kids back in Europe, and can say that 3years old is way too young to start with group basketball lessons. I recommend waiting until they turn 5 (at least) to start with basketball training. Hope this helps.