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Marin Equivalent of Parents Network

August 2001

Is anyone aware of a network like this one based in Marin? Or does anyone know of a Bananas-type place in Marin? tracy

I live in Fairfax and have been a member of the San Rafael Mothers Club for nealry three years (joined just after my first daughter was born). This is a great resource for Marin residents (and beyond). There are also similar mother's groups in southern Marin. I don't know of any non-mother-type organizations (although there may be one), directly similar to UCB parents. As for stores, there are at least two terrific consignment stores for babies/kids in San Rafael: Outgrown on 4th St. (between D and C) and Babies Unlimited on 4th St near where 4th joins with Red Hill Ave. Of course, being Marin you can find lots of pricey kids stores, but for new clothes I think the best bet is right in Fairfax, called Bugaboo on Bolinas (off Broadway). Gretchen

Try the Marin Childcare Council..I'm not too familiar with them but I do know they run similar programs and services as Bananas. They are located in San Rafael. Good luck. Veronica