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Mom/Play Groups in in Walnut Creek

Aug 2005

Hi - I'm new to Walnut Creek and interested in finding playgroup(s) for my nearly 3 year old child. I'm not particularly interested in being part of a super-active mom's community; would just like to find a mellow gathering of moms seeking playmates and friends for their kids.

I have found websites for both the Mt. Diablo Mothers Club and the Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek Club. Does anyone have any experience with either, or both, of these? Is it a realistic hope to join either and not have to commit too much time to activites outside of playgroup gatherings? Any thoughts/shared experiences would be appreciated. Thanks, Mellow mom

I am a member of the PH/WC Mothers' Club and have been since my son was born 4 years ago. Although I don't have any personal experience with the Mt. Diablo Mothers' Club, I believe they are both structured in a similar way and offer similar services. In fact, there are many Mothers' Clubs throughout Contra Costa and they all have a lot in common. They offer playgroups, a monthly newsletter, an online chat group (through Yahoo), various charity/giving opportunities, a few large social gatherings each year, monthly general meetings, plus a variety of other opportunities to meet other moms. One difference between MDMC and PH/WC MC is that MDMC has a 150 member cap and PH/WC does not have a cap. I believe they have just over 500 members right now.

I have had a great experience with the Moms' Club and would highly recommend it. Your level of involvement is totally up to you. You can choose to do a lot or just join a playgroup and do nothing else. Dues are $30 per year (the year runs Nov 1-Oct 31) so the monetary commitment is pretty minimal. (If you join now, you would pay $15 and would have to renew in November, although I think they'll gift you a few weeks if you join in October and just pay the $30.) They also offer free memberships to moms for whom the dues are a hardship

Because I moved to Walnut Creek just before my son was born, and didn't know anyone in the area who had kids, the Moms' Club provided me with an invaluable opportunity to make friends and meet other moms with whom to commiserate when my kid did wacky stuff. I've met moms in all situations--working, stay at home, moms of many, moms of one, married, unmarried, etc.

I would encourage you to give it a try. Aimee

I personally am in the Pleasant Hill/WC Mothers' Club and found it to be a very rewarding and fun club. I have met some good friends through playgroups I've joined in my first moms Club called the Contra Costa Mothers Club. You can join either Mt. Diablo Mothers'club and just only do the playgroups. They're both great moms clubs. You're not obligated to go to other activities. They're offered too all the members and you will get a newsletter of the events advanced if you wanted to go you can plan for it ahead. Stephanie

Working Moms Groups in Walnut Creek Area?

June 2005

We live in central contra costa county and have a preschooler. I have a professional career outside of the home. Most of the mothers I have met here do not work outside of the home and I am finding that, other than the fact we have kids and want the best for them, we don't have much in common and our day-to-day lives are very different. Are there resources and/or mothers organizations in the area tailored toward working moms with playgroups, get togethers, etc.? anon

Hi, I am sorry I don't have any recommendations for you, but I am interested in the responses to your post. I am also a working walnut creek mom who'd like to connect with other families/moms. We have lived here for a year and have a 3 and almost 2 yr old. If there isn't something already in place maybe we could start something. Good luck, Kerrie

Check out the following groups:

The Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek Mothers' Club has playgroups for working moms.... and all sorts of great activities. If you join right now for the rest of the year the cost is just $15 for the remainder of 2005. It's a great group. Check it out at : anonymous

Mother/parent groups in Walnut Creek

Nov 2003

I will be moving to Walnut Creek next summer from out of state and at that time will have 4 year old twins and a 1.5 year old. We will not really have anyone we know there and I am interested in finding out about organized mother/parent groups in the area. Ideally I would like to find something that is a set group of mothers/parents who meet each week rather than groups where people can come and go as they please each week. Where I am now I am in a great group that was assigned- the same 10 mothers who get together every week with closely aged babies and we have all become great friends. I would love to find something like this in WC. I find I am more motivated to get to these kind of things when I know I am expected and will be missed if I don't go. It's much easier to make connections in this type of set up but would appreciate any information available! I have seen the two groups listed on the Neighborhood Parents Network site for the WC area but wanted to see if anyone knew of any other types of organized groups. Thank you, CB

There is the Lamorinda Moms Club ( that ''specializes in the Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga area, but there are lots of moms from Walnut Creek, Alamo, and the San Ramon area.

First, of all welcome to Walnut Creek. There are many amenities here for children, like some great parks, (Heather Farms, Civic Park) libraries and and the Lindsey Museum. As far as a Mother's Club, Walnut Creek has a very strong one, the Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek Mother's Club. The Mother's Club has many sub- playgroups, and new groups are being formed constantly. The type of playgroup structure you are looking for with a set schedule and membership is typical of most of the playgroups. There is a General Meeting once a month so you can meet the members. I believe total membership is over 300+ Moms/Dads. The Website for the Mother's Club is and should give you all the information you need. jan

you definately should check out the Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill Mom's Club. They organize exactly the kind of playgroups you want and much more. Its a really friendly organization. They have a website if you do a web search. christina

Here are some possibilities:

  Mount Diablo Mothers Club (925) 927-2424   Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek Mother's Club (925) 939-6466 mom4mom[AT]   Diablo Valley Mothers of Multiples (925) 933-7215 dvmoms[AT] 

Hope one of these will work! Lisa