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  • Can anyone recommend a place where I can donate a large bag of used kids clothes (not baby- around 18m-3T and shoes sizes 5-6)? I see some posts on here but some seem outdated post-COVID. Bananas for example is still not taking direct drop off donations.  Would prefer a place that gives them away to those in need rather than resells (like goodwill) but open to anything!

    If they are girl clothes, I’d gladly take them for my daughter. I pass my hand-me-down clothes along via Buy Nothing groups on Facebook. 

    Check out the Bay Area Crisis Nursery in Concord. They provide an amazing service for needy families and take donations.  

    Hi! My kiddo is 17 months (and big for her age physically) so I'd be super interested in taking the huge bag of clothes from you!
    I totally understand if you were wanting it to go to someone with few resources in particular, though.
    But, if all you want is to get rid of it and ensure it gets used rather than end up in the trash (which is what Goodwill often does), I can take it off your hands :) Our daughter will be grateful!

    I would post on your local Buy Nothing Facebook group! 

    I don’t know a place for the donation but I thought there could be a mutual solution. If the clothes are for boys, I could use a bag of clothes and shoes! I have 15M old boy who is growing up fast and 18M clothes are fitting him right now. If you are interested, let me know. Thank you! 

    I definitely understand your thoughts about donating to a place that provides direct services. However I want to say that Goodwill, while selling clothes, is providing a different type of service to our community. They provide jobs and training to folks who are often unable to get jobs, like the formerly incarcerated. 
    So they are providing a service that is a bit hidden.

  • Hello all,

    I just packed up over a dozen boxes of too-small clothing, mostly in sizes 8-12. (Twins, what can I say except: twice the wardrobe, twice the growth spurts.) Due to COVID-19, I currently have no idea where to donate such a large lot of clothing. Does anyone have any ideas? BANANAS is closed to donations, and I'd prefer not to give them to the Salvation Army for political reasons, but otherwise I am wide open to suggestions. I also don't want to have to sort through this large amount of clothing myself, so please don't ask if I will pass on a smaller portion of my load to you unless you want to pick up a mystery box from my porch. If that's the case, though, contact me directly :) Thanks for any help you can provide. 

    Salvation Army on Alameda Island was accepting clothing donations 2 days ago as well as Goodwill in multiple locations.

  • Hello! I have some new winter jackets and various cold weather clothes for boys 1-4 and would love to know where I can donate them. Any help appreciated

    Go to, click Donate Coats and type in your zip code. They have lots of locations, including many UPS stores.

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Where to donate quality children's and women's clothing

Sept 2010

Looking for suggestions on where to donation quality children's and women's clothing in Oakland/Emeryville/Berkeley. Other than Goodwill drop off center. The archive exchanges were out of date- called a few places listed and they are no longer in services. Any updated suggestions would be great!

For higher quality clothing, I would consider Dress Best for Less on Piedmont Avenue.

ECAP (Emeryville Community Action Program)! Donations go directly to the needy folks who need them. Drop off at 3610 San Pablo. Here is some YELP input:

For nice business attire for women, you might also try BOSS. R.K.

Donating good quality clothing for teens

Jan 2010

I have some very good quality clothes, hoodies and jackets that my teen daughter doesn't want any more. The clothes have been barely worn and I would like to donate them to a local foster child who is in need. Can someone tell me where I can donate in the Richmond/San Pablo area so I know the clothing will go directly to foster teens in need? DC

It's not Richmond, but I have been donating my son's clothes to the Emancipated Youth Job Readiness Program run by the City's Private Industry Council in Oakland. Call Robin Raveneu at 510-768-4402. She works directly with the foster kids and makes sure they get the clothes. Her Office is located in the Downtown Oakland Career Center at 1212 Broadway, Oakland. Katrina

Donating several bags of little girls' clothing

June 2007

Hi - I have several bags of quality children's clothing sizes infant to 4T that I would like to donate to a charitable organization that could use them. I prefer not to give to an organization that ''re-sells'' the clothing. Perhaps there is a social organization that helps women and children in need or something similar. I'm also able to give to a new mother who truly needs clothing for her little girl(s). Great stuff. Would hate it to go to waste. Nicole

I have dropped off my donations at Bananas a few times. I trust them more than some second hand stores. Kasia