Donating toddler and child clothes

Can anyone recommend a place where I can donate a large bag of used kids clothes (not baby- around 18m-3T and shoes sizes 5-6)? I see some posts on here but some seem outdated post-COVID. Bananas for example is still not taking direct drop off donations.  Would prefer a place that gives them away to those in need rather than resells (like goodwill) but open to anything!

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If they are girl clothes, I’d gladly take them for my daughter. I pass my hand-me-down clothes along via Buy Nothing groups on Facebook. 

Check out the Bay Area Crisis Nursery in Concord. They provide an amazing service for needy families and take donations.  

Hi! My kiddo is 17 months (and big for her age physically) so I'd be super interested in taking the huge bag of clothes from you!
I totally understand if you were wanting it to go to someone with few resources in particular, though.
But, if all you want is to get rid of it and ensure it gets used rather than end up in the trash (which is what Goodwill often does), I can take it off your hands :) Our daughter will be grateful!

I would post on your local Buy Nothing Facebook group! 

I don’t know a place for the donation but I thought there could be a mutual solution. If the clothes are for boys, I could use a bag of clothes and shoes! I have 15M old boy who is growing up fast and 18M clothes are fitting him right now. If you are interested, let me know. Thank you! 

I definitely understand your thoughts about donating to a place that provides direct services. However I want to say that Goodwill, while selling clothes, is providing a different type of service to our community. They provide jobs and training to folks who are often unable to get jobs, like the formerly incarcerated. 
So they are providing a service that is a bit hidden.