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  • Can anyone recommend a dog walker who offers group walks for small/toy dogs, and who offers boarding?

    Thank you!

    I have used doggy lama before and they are great! Based out of Oakland. 

  • ISO off-leash dog walker

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    Hi all, I’m looking for an off-leash dog walker who serves the Albany area and works with big dogs. I checked the archives but the recs were pretty old at this point, and availability is so tough with all the new pandemic pups. 

    Many thanks from me and my Bernese Mountain Dog, Sammy!

    I have been using Kurt W. to walk our Portuguese Water Dog 4x/week for the past six months. She comes home exhausted and cuddly all the time (dusty too!). He is absolutely lovely - please tell him Amy referred you: (310) 291-2814‬. 

    Doggy lama!  Based out of Oakland.

    Hello! I highly recommend the lovely Chris Matthews.  She has been walking my dog (a super energetic and not easy terrier) for a year, off-leash in Point Isabel.  I know she also walks big dogs, there are always big dogs in her pack.  I interviewed many walkers before settling on Chris and it has been a great decision, she is super reliable, friendly, flexible and just overall fantastic.  Her number is 5107011824.

    Travelers Pet Care (Marisa Loera) was brilliant with our dear Berner. Our dog has several walkers in our time with them and they were all excellent, and responsive to the occasional special need. 

    Hi there, 

    I bet Sammy would love Elena! She has a special way with pooches (& humans)! I highly recommend - 740-972-2988

  • Hi There - 

    We recently moved from SF to Orinda and we're looking for a dog walker to take our 3 year old golden retriever out on hikes for exercise and socialization with other dogs. He was in a hiking pack in SF and went to the beach most days and loved it. Hoping to find him a new pack out here! IF you know of anyone, please let me know!

    Hi! We absolutely love our dog walker, Rob.  He has walked our 4yr old Bernese Mountain Dog Frank for the past two years.  He takes our dog and a small pack of others to nearby hikes for approx. 2hrs and takes great care of them.  He even sends incredible pics of them out on their adventures.  When he brings Frank home, he brushes him and rinses off his paws before bringing him inside.  Here is his info: Rob Schultzberg, info [at] 

    Check with diablo dog walking if they cover your area. They are amazing. 

  • Dog Walker Recommendations?

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    Hi All -

    I am moving to Northwest Berkeley in July and looking for recommendations for fantastic dog walkers for our 40 lb Australian Cattle Dog - we live in the city right now and have a walker that picks her up and brings her for a romp in an off leash dog park for an hour or more, looking for something equivalent to this in the east bay. Any recs?

    Thanks so much in advance!



    I live in that neighborhood -- your best bet would be to join your neighborhood nextdoor group which are thriving around here. There you can connect with walkers (many!), sitters, pet groups etc. Most people around here have dogs, so it is a vibrant, prolific part of neighborhood life. If you have not moved yet, you can request a nextdoor postcard sign-up which is clunky, but works.

    Hi, I recommend Derby Dogs. They take dogs for pack walks and have a lot of experience with herding-breed dogs. They're great people and my dog was a happy pup when she was being walked by them.

    We love our dog walker Tammy, her number is 510-734-3831. We have a high-maintenance dog who can't be around other dogs, so she walks him separately, but she also takes a group of dogs to the off-leash area at inspiration point. Good luck!

    We have used In Their Element for 4 years. Off leash trail hikes in the east bay hills. Can’t recommend Glenn and his walkers more highly! Tell him Susannah Santee (Junebug’s mom) sent you!

    Welcome to the East side!! 

    Hi Emily,

    We are also in NW Berkeley, and we have the most fantastic dog walker, Alyssa.  She picks her up and takes her for 1.5+ hour adventures at the Albany bulb, Cesar Chavez park and Pt Isabel (mostly the bulb).  She is the epitome of a dog lover, responsible and very personable too.  Best of all, she's affordable compared to the going rate for off leash.  Our picky, very energetic dog LOVES her and comes back exhausted and happy.  Contact her at 510-326-4251.  Welcome to the East Bay! 


    Hi Emily,

    We have hired Angel Geringer of Dogs Unleashed ( for our dog Bo, a hound mix with lots of energy. Sadly, Bo has passed on, but Angel was great with him -- gave him lots of exercise and took good care of him.

    If you communicate with Angel, please tell her that Linda (Bo's person) says hi.

    Good luck,


  • I'm looking for a reliable dog walker (preferably with references) to walk my dog for an hour in the middle of the day, Monday through Friday. My dog is incredibly sweet, 25 lbs, and doesn't mind walking with other dogs! Looking for someone to start immediately. We live in Elmwood. Thanks!

    Reach out to Christina Yasi at East Bay Mutts ( She offers one-on-one leash walks as well as off-leash pack hikes. She's been caring for my dog Cooper for the last year and is fantastic - reliable, responsible and wonderful with dogs. Highly recommend!

  • Dog Walker in the Dimond

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    Can anyone recommend a good and reasonably priced dog walker in the Diamond or surrounding area? Thanks!

    I highly recommend Doggy Lama - based in the Allendale area - Molly the owner is just the most wonderful lady! :D

    Doggy Lama is wonderful! We used them for years when we lived and Oakland for both walks and boarding. The owner Molly is an amazing person and her crew is stellar. She helped our somewhat aloof dog Francis become a wonderful pack member. They also do solo walks for less social dogs. 

    Yes, Jet Dog

    (510) 821-0919. Ask for Audree Halasz, she's great!

    You can check out Facebook page as well !

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Looking for dog walker/dog sitter in El Cerrito

April 2011

We have a new puppy - about 4 months old - and would like recommendations for dog-walkers, dog-sitters, and preferred places for boarding if we need it. The puppy needs lots of attention and exercise, and there are occasions when we are not able to be here all day to provide it. There are also times when we will be out of town and may want someone to both house-sit and dog-sit. If you have someone to recommend, please let me know your experience with them and how often you have used them.

Wendyann Cardwell is a terrific dog walker/dog sitter and isn't far from you. She is a vet tech as well, so that is helpful if your pets have any health issues. She has been very reliable over the past 3 years, has a key to our house, and will drop by at the last minute if we leave town. 510/223-2609. good luck, Julie

Doggie Lama has been walking my dog 2x a week for more than a year, and I LOVE them (and so does my dog). They're totally reliable and always wear him out. They go hiking all over the East Bay. Also, avoid Red Rover, although they're cheaper than everyone else. They used to walk my dog, and I fired them the second time they forgot to pick up my dog. They also lost their license to walk dogs in the East Bay Regional Parks. Heather

Oct 2007

A friend has a very energetic viszla and she recommends her dog walker: Sounds like they communicate well about how things went and take them on or off-leash for some good romps. Good luck. rebecca

Dog Walkers

June 2006

I wanted to share that we have found a great dog walker -- we got his name off of a very old posting to the Berkeley Parent's Network. He takes our dog on walks on the trails of the various Berkeley area parks while we are at work/school. He has also stayed overnight with our dog while we have been away on vacation. He has been very dependable and flexible -- he clearly loves the dogs that he cares for. His name is Dan Kuklo and he can be reached through his website at or at (510) 866-6194. Our boxer loves him and we really recommend his service. Good luck. Alex

June 2005

Doggy Detail
This message if for the individuals in Richmond/Pleasent Hill looking for a pet sitter/walker. We used Doggy Detail Pet Care who are located in the Vallejo area. We used them over Christmas, and they were great! I am not sure how far they will travel but their phone # is 707-297-1020. I found them on the internet, and was also pleased with their affordable rates vs. kenneling our two labs. Lab Lover

March 2005

Pet-sitting/Dog-walking Extraordinaire
Are you in a quandry about what to do with your pet when you go out of town? Or would you like your dog to have more exercise but don't have the time to take her/him for walks yourself. If so, please check out Safe Hands Pet Care as an option:
Safe Hands is an East Bay pet care company which covers the areas from El Cerrito through Oakland as well as Alameda. I have been working for them for a while now. There are approximately 15 pet-sitters and dog-walkers employed by Safe Hands at the moment. The owners, a wonderful animal-loving couple, are dedicated to providing exceptional care and expect the same level of quality care from their employees. All of their employees have extensive animal experience. There are even folks very experienced with reptiles and birds. Please have a look at their website and then feel free to call them with any questions. You can tell them Joan sent you through the BPN. Joan

June 2005

Great Pet sitter/walker recommendation
I use a terrific dog walker/pet sitter. His name is Dan Kuklo and he is the sole owner and proprietor of Berkeley Dog Walk and Pet Sitting. He walks and cares for all pet on his own. He does not have anyone else working for him. He is a sensative, attentive and caring person who clearly loves animals and loves what he does. He takes our dog on LONG walks in Tilden and other great parks, but I know he does neighborhood walks for older or less mobile animals. His rates are reasonable and he is completely reliable. Here is his information:
(510) 849-2642 home (510) 866-6194 cell snowbird7 AT 
Best of luck! Molly

March 2005

Dog Walkers
We have had great luck with our dogwalkers, Phil and Laurie, also known as Pawderosa. They offer trail walks, neighborhood walks, dog boarding, pet taxi services and more. They're great with our dogs, and have worked on their training a bit as well. They're bonded and insured. Jeff

Oct 2004

We have been very happy with Brian Sullivan of Pied Piper Dog Training. He takes our dogs on really long off-leash walks up in the hills and on the trails, and because he is also a dog trainer, really works with them on their (sometimes) aggressive behavior. His email is brian AT and his phone # is 430-8726 Gigi

In response to the posting requesting a reccomendation for a dog walker. We work with a fabulous, kind, concientious and flexible dog walker named Brian Pierce. He takes our 16 month old, very lively, puppy out two afternoons a week. I met him at Ohlone dog park when I was 9+ months pregnant and loved his sense of humor and the attention and care he gave the dogs in his charge. He was on call, and came to walk our dog every day when I went into labor. After my son was born, we started the 2x a week schedule and continued it after I returned to work. I was home with the baby for the first 6 weeks he worked with us and saw how excited Shayda (our dog) was to see him and how happy AND TIRED she was when she returned. He would have her out for 2 hours, including travel time and with at least one other dog, which was fabulous for her socialization. Also, her recall improved to the point that we were able to safely take her to Izzy and let her run off leash! We had taken her to Puppy training and worked with her, but it was the consistency of training and being with Brian that I feel really got her to her present level. Brian is also felexible around schedule changes and just an all-around nice guy.
BriCoPie Pet Care (510) 684-7335 brian AT 
Good luck! Beth

I'd like to recommend Carol Anderson of Oakland Hills Pet Care. 510-220-2463. She does pet sitting for cats & dogs, drop-in visits, and on-leash dog walking. She's a member of the East Bay Pet Sitters Assoc. and insured. She loves animals and is really easy to work with. Carol

Nov 2002

I am looking for a dog walker to walk my dog 3 times a week. I live in Albany so someone who walks other dogs nearby would be ideal. Melissa

Our Dog walker is John, of John and Mary Beth's Pet services, 526-7029. John is absolutely, hands down, the best dog walker ever. He has been walking both our dogs in Albany for 3 years. Although we have two dogs, they both have special needs as our shepard limps and our labx is very active--so he walks our shepard first and then takes our labx to the leash-free park. John always leaves reports if the dogs look sick or are acting funny. He also leaves cute pictures from time to time that he takes of them on their walks. He has also come through for us in a pinch since he has a key when we needed something desperately in our home while on vacation. He loves our dogs and our dogs just adore him and wait eagerly for him everyday. When I was on maternity leave and often breastfeeding he would discreetly knock before coming in to get the dogs. John is almost a member of our family and he makes our life and our dogs lives so much better. You could not get a better dog walker, I guarantee you that. You can contact me further for even more glowing stories about him. Jo

I use Chris Matthews at Pawalkers to walk my dog. She comes to the house and picks up the dog and takes her to Point Isabel for a couple of hours. She always makes sure that my dog is washed off and dry (if she played in the bay) before putting her back in the house. Chris can be reached at 701-1824. We highly recommend her. Pam

We LOVE our dogwalker, Larissa Martin. Her number is 652- 6435. We were her first client about a year ago, and she really loves and takes care of our dog. Debbie

Our neighbor and friend has a dog walking, pet care business. I cannot recommend her too highly. She has a wonderful way with pets (our reclusive cat responds to her as well as our rambuncious ones). She is scrupulously honest and conscientious. Her email is:info AT and tel is (510) 710-6700. Kathryn