Looking for dog walker/hiking pack for golden retriever

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We recently moved from SF to Orinda and we're looking for a dog walker to take our 3 year old golden retriever out on hikes for exercise and socialization with other dogs. He was in a hiking pack in SF and went to the beach most days and loved it. Hoping to find him a new pack out here! IF you know of anyone, please let me know!

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Hi! We absolutely love our dog walker, Rob.  He has walked our 4yr old Bernese Mountain Dog Frank for the past two years.  He takes our dog and a small pack of others to nearby hikes for approx. 2hrs and takes great care of them.  He even sends incredible pics of them out on their adventures.  When he brings Frank home, he brushes him and rinses off his paws before bringing him inside.  Here is his info: Rob Schultzberg, info [at] baywalkies.com 

Check with diablo dog walking if they cover your area. They are amazing.