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Quick covid test results for 2 year old Sep 24, 2021 (31 responses below)
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COVID-19 testing experience Jun 1, 2020 (2 responses below)
  • Quick covid test results for 2 year old

    (31 replies)

    I have a 2 year old in daycare and when she's sick (runny nose, sneezing, anything) I need to get a negative covid test before I can bring her back to daycare. Does any one know where I can get a covid test for a 2 year old that will get me results the next day? Taking off 2-3 days for each runny nose is a huge stress on my job. gives you results in 12 hrs. They accept walk-ups without an appointment.

    Test the People in North Oakland is very fast since they process the tests on site.  They say 24 hours, but it's been 12-18 hrs each time for us. They also have a special softer swab for young kids.

    Test The People has a site in North Oakland. We usually get PCR test results back within 12 hrs. 

  • Weekly COVID Testing for our Nanny

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    Hi! I'm looking for advice on weekly COVID testing options for my Nanny in either Hayward or Oakland. I'm trying to make it as convenient as possible, but we would like to have it done weekly, and I know there are free places to get it done, does anyone have any recommendations?

    Consider buying at-home COVID antigen tests (Amazon, CVS, etc sell them). They average about $20 each but are quick and easy to do from home. Otherwise Test the People might meet your needs. 

    Try Test the People in North Oakland - free and accessible, I'm not sure if appointments are required, I've always made an appointment though.

    Test The People in Oakland is free, efficient (drive through or walk up), and has results within 12-24 hours. If you have insurance they bill them, but if you don't it's free. 

  • Mouth Swab Covid-19 testing???

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    My daughter does not tolerate the nasal swabs that are mostly available for covid-19 testing, and I’m wondering if anyone knows of anywhere in the Bay Area that does mouth swab testing? Curative kiosk at the Berkeley Adult School has switched to nasal swabs as of June 17th :(

    thanks for any tips!!!

    RE: Mouth Swab Covid-19 testing??? ()

    If you are willing to pay for the test, Vault Health offers a mail in PCR saliva test. FDA approved and just as accurate as nasal PCR. Not one of those quick result mouth swabs, which are not very accurate.

    They send you a kit, then you zoom with one of their nurses who watches you (or your child) spit into the tube and seal it to validate the test. Then FedEx it back with the prepaid label. I used this kit early on in the pandemic when I needed to travel and it was great. Got the results in two days.

  • Any experience with  test provider  for international airlines with lab stamp and physician signature at reasonable cost. Specifically needed for Avianca to Nicaragua.

    Yes, what is it you need?  If you need the PCR test you can get in at SFO airport.  The one in near OAK closed a few months ago.  Kaiser is doing it if you are a Kaiser patient.  You should not have any issue. 

    We used City Health Urgent Care down by the Oakland Airport for test documentation for Hawaii and they were fantastic. They charge 20 for documentation and Bill the rest to your health insurance. We got results in an hour. 

    Did a cpr test for free at Walgreens 

    tested on Sunday at 11 am and received the  results on Monday night by email.

    really efficient and free.

  • Covid testing at preschools?

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    We’re looking into sending our 3 year old to preschool, and are wondering about what Covid protocols look like around the east bay these days. Would any parents be willing to share what school you’re sending your child to, whether testing is happening for teachers, students, and/or families at your school and how often, and how you are being notified if there are positive results in the school community? Mainly interested in preschool but would also like to hear what elementary and beyond look like too. Thanks!

    RE: Covid testing at preschools? ()

    My daughter goes to a small home daycare (8 families which is 10 kids, plus 3 teachers). All families (including teachers) are asked to have the adults in the household tested every month. We've collectively written pretty strict COVID guidelines for when kids need to stay home from school (anyone in the family travels, anyone in the family has any potential COVID symptom, etc.). So far we have had 2 positive results (for asymptomatic adults) which resulted in school-wide closures and all families quarantining for 2 weeks. I've been really happy with the COVID safety measures in place at our school (everyone over 2 masks at all times, doors always open for ventilation, eating outside well spaced, etc.). Based on what I've seen at friends' kids' schools, I'd say we are on the strict/cautious side, but I'm grateful for that. 

    RE: Covid testing at preschools? ()

    My son is 3.5 and goes to the East Bay German International School. Teachers get tested twice a week, free weekly (non invasive) student testing is available. Stable groups, teachers and kids were masks, and have regular hand washing practices. Temperature checks at check in. We are happy with the safety protocols and love the school in general. Preschool is bilingual, no prior German knowledge needed. 

    RE: Covid testing at preschools? ()

    At our preschool (Colibri in Oakland) there is not regular testing but there are times when people must be tested. Let's see if I can get the current rules right as they've changed over time with me guidance from health and education officials. If someone (teacher, student, etc) is exposed to someone with Covid they must quarantine for two weeks and get tested twice- immediately and before they come back. If families travel, like over the holidays which was strongly discouraged, they also had to quarantine for two weeks and have a negative test. New families follow a similar prodical.

  • Short swab Covid 19 test for kids?

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    I’ve been searching for a test site where my 3 year old can get a short swab test, with results within 48 hours. If you know of one please share!

    (For context- most testing sites don’t take children, require a screening or doctor’s referral, or take longer than 48 hours to provide results. No one in our family is symptomatic or aware of exposure. We’d like to get tested before seeing relatives to be safe, and our pediatrician recommended the short swab test for this particular instance.)

    Our daughter had a fever so we reached out to our Pediatrician.  We go to Sutter and tested her at Sutter on Milvia.  Results came back in <24 hours.  Not sure if you need a doctor's referral....

    One Medical can do an in-mouth swab for covid-19 testing! I just did it with my 14 month-old. We got in the same day that we booked it in Walnut Creek, but they have availability in Emeryville too.

    Our infant daughter also had a fever about 1.5 mo ago. She got tested at Sutter on Milvia with results in less than 24hrs. Luckily it was something else. Now we wanted to get tested again before grandma takes over while our daycare is on vacation. Sutter told us they won't test w/o symptoms. So we're headed to the county test site. I heard results are taking longer to come back, but it's better than nothing.

  • COVID-19 testing experience

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    Hello- I'm wondering if anyone has experience being tested for COVID-19 at one of the three free Oakland testing sites (Henry J Kaiser, Roots Community Health Clinic, or Allen Temple). Specifically, I'm trying to get a sense of what the turnaround time between getting tested and receiving results is. Thanks in advance for any info!

    Hi! I tested at the Emeryville site and it was a 48 hour turnaround. My doctor told me that I could expect the same from the Oakland testing sites. They are trying to get results back quickly due to people returning to the workplace.

    Hello, I wasn’t tested at any of those sites but various sources report the general turnaround time is 48 hours. That’s also what I was told when I was tested a few weeks ago and I felt lucky that my test results came in (negative) the day after I tested.