Mouth Swab Covid-19 testing???


My daughter does not tolerate the nasal swabs that are mostly available for covid-19 testing, and I’m wondering if anyone knows of anywhere in the Bay Area that does mouth swab testing? Curative kiosk at the Berkeley Adult School has switched to nasal swabs as of June 17th :(

thanks for any tips!!!

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If you are willing to pay for the test, Vault Health offers a mail in PCR saliva test. FDA approved and just as accurate as nasal PCR. Not one of those quick result mouth swabs, which are not very accurate.

They send you a kit, then you zoom with one of their nurses who watches you (or your child) spit into the tube and seal it to validate the test. Then FedEx it back with the prepaid label. I used this kit early on in the pandemic when I needed to travel and it was great. Got the results in two days.