Quick covid test results for 2 year old

I have a 2 year old in daycare and when she's sick (runny nose, sneezing, anything) I need to get a negative covid test before I can bring her back to daycare. Does any one know where I can get a covid test for a 2 year old that will get me results the next day? Taking off 2-3 days for each runny nose is a huge stress on my job. 

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https://www.testthepeople.org/ gives you results in 12 hrs. They accept walk-ups without an appointment.

Test the People in North Oakland is very fast since they process the tests on site.  They say 24 hours, but it's been 12-18 hrs each time for us. They also have a special softer swab for young kids.


Test The People https://www.testthepeople.org/ has a site in North Oakland. We usually get PCR test results back within 12 hrs. 

We go to Test to the People. They are for all ages, not specifically children, but we’ve taken our 2.5 year old twice. Results in 12 hours, sometimes 24. We’ve always had luck getting an appt within a day or so but they also do walk ups. Appointments are done directly from your car if you have one. 

If your daycare accepts home tests, that is probably the easiest, other than that they are often out of stock these days.  I was able to snag one at walgreens a few days ago.

Otherwise, I wrote to our pediatrician (Sutter) and was able to get a drive-through test for my 2.5 year old on short notice with results within 24 hours.  

I haven't tried them directly yet, but I'm in a similar situation with my almost 2 year old at a daycare that requires a PCR negative test to return after any cold symptoms. The school just recommended Test the People as providing very quick scheduling and results. https://www.testthepeople.org/

Test the People in North Oakland is amazing! PCR, 12 hour turnaround. 

The Dignity Health Urgent Care clinic on Piedmont Ave in Oakland offers rapid tests.  I’ve had my 3 year old tested there.  If you aren’t able to sign up online for a same day Covid test, sign up for a virtual visit.  Once you do the quick virtual visit, they will get you in same day for a test.  

Test the People at Aileen and MLK in the chori parking lot does a 12-hour turn around PCR test. They bill all insurance, including Kaiser. We have used it for the same reason, and also used it to meet a travel test requirement for my husband.

We have used Test the People in Oakland (right near Children's Hospital) several times, and their turnaround time has always been within 24 hours for a PCR test.

Would your child's daycare accept a rapid test? You could use the home tests now available at pharmacies.

If you happen to have an older child in Oakland public schools, the OUSD testing program is also very easy and has free rapid testing for anyone who is a family member of an OUSD student or staff.

My family has been going to City Health (they have locations all around the bay) and they are very fast. Results have been coming in under 24 hrs for me. The fastest I got a result was under 12 hrs (test at 9am, results by 8pm). City Health told me they pick up samples 2x a day. So if you test before 11am, it's likely your sample will go out in the first batch and you might get results that evening or early the next morning. I also recently went to Walgreens and they gave me a result in about 24 hrs.

Test the People in North Oakland is free and gets results back within 12 hours

I'm in your exact boat. Try "Test The People" in North Oakland: https://www.testthepeople.org/ 

You can make an appt online, it's a drive-thru, and PCR results are available in 24 hrs. Our preschool requires PCR results for symptomatic illness (even a runny nose). 

I would buy the BINAX antigen tests from your local pharmacy 2 for $25.  If the daycare requires PCR, you can by the Lucira tests for $65.

Yes! East Bay Pediatrics does rapid testing. It's a drive through nasal swab and you get the results the same evening. Appointments are scheduled around 5pm, following a quick video visit with a doctor at some point in your day. You'd have to ask your daycare if they accept the antigen test, the tests they do are antigen and not PCR

Test the people in Oakland says 12-24 hours - always been under 12 for us. 

Yes--the Test The People site behind CHORI at MLK and Aileen turns around results in 24 hours. You can walk up without an appointment, or make an appointment and drive through.

I haven’t gone myself but both my sister and dad have gone to the El Cerrito location and got their results within 10-12 hours. https://covidtesting.cityhealthuc.com/

It depends on what the policy is but our daycare accepts the results of the at home tests that you can get at Walgreens. Otherwise, Color had been returning them in 24 hours but had been slower lately. I know there are some that say they can turn around 12 hour PCR tests, but I haven't used any. Not to be a bummer but you also have to consider that sending your kid with symptoms means that you're likely going to get another kid sick who will now have to stay home and get tested. The parents and teachers in our class have chatted about what we are and aren't comfortable with when our kids are sick. I know it is super hard though, especially since my kid was in daycare long before covid and a runny nose was something you wouldn't even think about! Good luck! 

Test the People in Oakland (near Children's Hospital) does PCR nasal swab tests (drive through) and typically has results in 12-24 hours. They bill your insurance or free for uninsured individuals.

Both Test the People in Oakland and City Health in El Cerrito usually guarantee results for the next day at 2pm if you go in the morning and in practice they are usually closer to 12 hours turnaround time.

https://www.testthepeople.org/ https://covidtesting.cityhealthuc.com/locations/el-cerrito

Check out https://www.testthepeople.org

They are located at 5700 MLK Jr. Way in Oakland (near Children's Hospital). They are a drive-thru test site and say they give results in less than 24 hrs. I know people have received results in 12 hrs. They do the PCR test that most daycares require. According to their website, they test infants to adults. Your child is too young, but for those 4+ they are also doing a salvia (mouth) swab instead of the nose one, which for one preschooler might be more comfortable than the nasal swab. https://www.testthepeople.org/faqs

Another site for folks with little kids to consider is curative on san pablo in Berkeley (parking lot of the adult school). They have slower turnaround times but allow you to swab your child's nose instead of a technician doing it. I know my child prefer's having be doing the swabbing, than some stranger in head-to-toe PPE.

Good luck!

Test the People in North Oakland gets results back to you in 12-24 hours. I've used them twice and both times the results have come back in 10 hours. testthepeople.org 

What about the BinaxNOW rapid tests you can buy at pharmacies e.g. Walgreens. They’ll give you results within 15min and are supposed to be fairly accurate especially when you are showing symptoms. They are pretty affordable too $23 for 2 tests.

My husband and I recently got tested at City Health Urgent Care. They have multiple locations in the East Bay including at the Oakland Airport. They have both rapid antigen and PCR testing. I confirmed with the nurse working there that they can test young kids, as young as one year old (maybe younger?) We got both rapid antigen and PCR testing. The rapid antigen test came back in about 1 hour and the PCR test came back in less than 24 hours. The turnaround for PCR probably depends on the volume but it was very fast when we went.

We’ve successfully used the binax now rapid test from a pharmacy on our two yo. We show her what we’re going to do with a q-tip on ourselves first. They are reasonably priced and pretty accurate when symptoms are present.

I do not know a quick place to get test results but I just wanted to sympathize with you.My grandson had a runny nose Monday,which was gone by Tuesday but he can not go back to preschool until next Monday.I can not even count how many times I have watched one of my grandchildren because they could not go to school but we’re not sick.I am not saying we should not all be careful but many kids have runny noses frequently and always have.It is much harder to be a working parent than it used to be.

I'm in the exact same boat as you and definitely share your frustration! I just had my 2.5 year old tested early morning at Kaiser and was surprised when the results came back the next afternoon (usually it took at least 36 hours), but also interested in learning if there are any faster options (our preschool requires a lab PCR, not antigen test).

Hi - I just had to get my daughter tested for the same reason, went to the urgent care center at Sutter Milvia. Took her on a Friday at 11:30am, had the results back by Saturday 6:30am. But I would not necessarily recommend going there with a small child. Nasal swabs can be really challenging for small kids and I found the docs there a bit aggressive. My daughter ended up with a bloody nose and pretty traumatized. A fellow preschool mom told me that the Curative testing location at Cedar and San Pablo will hand the parent the swab and let them do it. I might recommend going there - not sure about their turnaround times but I assume most places are pretty quick at this point.

We got a test for our preschooler at RTW at The New Parish https://rtwhealthservices.com/oakland-new-parish-walk-in/. Our appointment was around noon and we had the results by 7am the next day. They had a parent do the swab.

Will they accept a home test?  I just read about a one that was recently approved (and used by the NHS in UK for months now), approved for kids as young as two: https://www.sfchronicle.com/health/article/New-at-home-rapid-COVID-test-...