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  • ISO. Uke and guitar lessons for 7 year old

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    looking for a teacher for my 7 year old. He has been taking lessons for two years. Is pretty good. And eventually wants to play guitar. 

    we would prefer someone who can come to our house.   We just moved here from seattle. 

    Try asking Jennifer Trowbridge. She has a studio in Oakland and she is a professional musician with a PhD and many years of teaching experience, including with kids.  She is an excellent guitar player and guitar and other strings are her primary/main instruments although she also teaches music theory and some piano.  I believe she does also go to people's homes.

    Greg Pratt is a caring, upbeat and wildly talented pro at both instruments. Years ago he taught me to play, and I can really get around on an acoustic guitar as a result. He's omnipresent on the local scene. He can teach traditional Americana, country, swing and even jazz. From the simplest to the most complex. And nothing but encouraging. Greg's number is 510 708 2536.

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Ukelele lessons for 7 year old

April 2012

Can anyone recommend a good teacher for my grandaughter who wants to learn to play the ukelele? She needs someone who can help learn to be persistant and give her faith that she will learn. Thanks Ukelele grandma

Hi There, The Lamorinda Music store in Lafayette has a free beginner class once a month. Or if you are looking for a private teacher, I'm sure they would be able to direct you to someone: Maria Uke Player

Our published and awesome teacher, Dix Bruce, is our ukelele guru over here at Freelove Music School. His bio is published on our website at We are located on the corner of Piedmont Ave and Pleasant Valley. Thanks. Krista Freelove

Playful ukelele lessons for mom/adult - fun person

Jan 2012

Hi, I'm looking for some very playful ukelele lessons for me, with the goal of learning a handful of sing-along songs to play with my daughter and family & I think it would be great to try something really different. Its not about reading music, or learning the scales, but listening, feeling, and playing a few simple tunes. Who can I call? I live in N Berkeley. I may also look to take a few djembe lessons (I have a nice djembe already); and may add family drumming together too. Someone versed in good songs, ukelele, drum, singing and kids/family would be the best. Help me get fun! I don't want to be serious. Aspiring uke mama

Musically Minded Academy in Rockridge has fun ukulele lessons. Our instructor, Brian Rice teaches kids, teens and adults. 510 601 5700. admin [at] Anna

Gary Peare is a former professional clown, an extremely fun and funny person, and teaches ukulele classes in the Lamorinda area.

He also has a great website devoted to ukuleles. Tell Gary that Alana sent you!

Didn't see your original post, but I play 'ukulele for Mahea Uchiyama at the Center for International Dance. We don't currently have an 'ukulele class, but my teacher, Uncle Saichi holds some classes at Music Works in El Cerrito I believe Duane, Music Works' owner, also has a class there. Here is a list of Polynesian musicians in the bay area You might be able to find someone else offering classes. Feel free to email me for more information. Mahalo, Alan

An easy, convenient and free place to start is YouTube. There are lots of simple ukulele lessons for songs on- line. I learned ''Happy Birthday'' ASAP! Pat

Music Works in El Cerrito has a sign in their window for ukelele lessons.My child took saxaphone lessons there and we liked the place a lot. Ellen

Saw an article in the Lamorinda Weekly a few months ago about a group of all ages who gets together to play the ukulele in Lafayette. Try this link or google lamorinda weekly ukulele You can also rent a uke for the class for $5. Have fun!! anon

Feb 2011

I am looking for a ukulele teacher for lessons for my six year old son and me. We'd both be starting from scratch. Ideally the teacher could come to our house in N. Berkeley once a week, but we'd be open to traveling or group lessons as well. Any recommendations? Want to learn ukulele

I have a good friend who performs for parties and events in the Bay Area. While I've never taken lessons from her myself, she is a warm, patient, and loving person with a lot of talent and I would expect her to be an excellent teacher. Contact Tiffany Lin (pistacia.vera [at] to speak to her about it! Marie

I have a great uke teacher at Acme House of Music. She is so lovely and grounded and dedicated and just wonderful with kids. I take lessons from her and I love it!! My 3 year old son adores her. She goes by the name of Tippy Canoe-she's also a singer-songwriter, drummer and guitar player with her own band and several cds. Acme House of Music is at 3715 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland (in the Laurel). The number is 510.530.7234. annette

Sept 2006

I'm looking for a ukelele teacher for my honey. He has been teaching himself and is at the stage where some instruction would be great. Any advice? There's nothing uke-specific in the archives. Thanks!

August 2006

Before anyone rushes to say that the ukelele is a butt-easy instrument to learn and that I don't need lessons, please keep in mind that not everyone catches on so easily! I've had my ukelele for years and can strum out 2 songs. I'm hoping there's someone out there who can get my un-musically oriented self up and running, someone in the Oakland/Temescal area and someone who won't be super expensive. Know anyone? Jessica

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