ISO. Uke and guitar lessons for 7 year old

looking for a teacher for my 7 year old. He has been taking lessons for two years. Is pretty good. And eventually wants to play guitar. 

we would prefer someone who can come to our house.   We just moved here from seattle. 

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Try asking Jennifer Trowbridge. She has a studio in Oakland and she is a professional musician with a PhD and many years of teaching experience, including with kids.  She is an excellent guitar player and guitar and other strings are her primary/main instruments although she also teaches music theory and some piano.  I believe she does also go to people's homes.

Greg Pratt is a caring, upbeat and wildly talented pro at both instruments. Years ago he taught me to play, and I can really get around on an acoustic guitar as a result. He's omnipresent on the local scene. He can teach traditional Americana, country, swing and even jazz. From the simplest to the most complex. And nothing but encouraging. Greg's number is 510 708 2536.