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  • Martial arts studio for the whole family?

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    Hi BPN’ers –

    I’m looking for a studio where both my kids and myself can take classes and progress similarly  - maybe not at the same class at the same time, but  improve our martial arts together as a family.

    I have an 8 year old girl and a 6 year old boy so I’m looking for a class that’s both boys and girls for both of them to feel included. And then a class for myself too.  I’m not sure if there are family classes where we might practice together? If so that would be worth checking out too.

    Lastly I’m looking for a studio that is inclusive, diverse, with women + men teachers. Ideally someplace that is both respectful, encouraging, and supportive  -to help round out the physical skills.

    Any leads are much appreciated.

    Thank you! 

    If you are looking something apart from martial arts Loka Yoga in Mac Arthur has mommy and me yoga classes

    We love Studio Naga in Emeryville, it has all the things you mentioned!  Martial arts classes where kids and adults can train together and also separate kids and adult classes.  The studio is a diverse group of all genders, ages and abilities and they're great at meeting people where they are.  Very community oriented and inclusive., 510-652-6242.

    TG Taekwondo in Albany has everything you are looking for! They even have family classes. I highly recommend them.

    I'm not clear on whether you want just martial arts or just fun family classes. My daughter and son who are 5 years apart have only once taken classes together in the same place at the same time, and that was at Trapeze Arts in West Oakland. Their schedule is pretty complicated but they have classes from young kids to adults in a variety of different activities (trapeze, of course, but also trampoline, aerial, general circus skills, and more). My daughter has continued in youth circus and it's truly a special world - very diverse, inclusive, supportive, and just generally wonderful.

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Feb 2009

Has anyone had any experience with Trapeze Arts in Oakland? I took a class there recently and loved it. I'm considering signing up one or both of my children (ages 5 & 7) for summer camp. I checked the archives and didn't see much, so I'm hoping that someone on BP can share their experience with this place. Thank you! Jenn

FYI for the person interested in reviews of/info on Trapeze Arts summer camp...

I've just signed my daughters up for Trapeze Arts' summer camp. Since this will be the first time they've participated in the camp, I can't give you any feedback on the program, but I can tell you this: Your five-year-old will not be eligible.

Despite the fact that my younger daughter, who is currently six, has been taking class at TA all year (which she loves), she was not eligible to participate in the summer camp until the actual week this summer that she turns seven. When I wheedled and pleaded for them to take her earlier in the summer (in a week that was far more convenient for our schedule) TA staff said, in essence, ''We have to be very rigorous about not taking kids younger than seven. It's a long day at our camp, the kids are constantly on the go, and we find that kids under seven simply can't keep up.''

Hope that's of some use to you! Darcy

My daughter, then aged 7, took part in a week-long summer camp at Trapeze Arts a couple of years ago. She often does camps with friends, but is generally confident and sociable and was initially happy to go by herself to this one. If your 7 year old (7 is the minimum age for their camps) has previous Trapeze Arts (or similar) experience, I'm sure he or she would have a great time. My daughter had not, so she was very much sidelined. Most of the children there attended weekly classes at Trapeze Arts, and many of them were also doing numerous summer camp weeks. Another thing which resulted in a decidedly unhappy week for her, was one of the instructors imitating her accent (we're English). I approached the manager to address this, but it was not dealt with well. Consequently, I'm unable to recommend this camp. Becky

August 2008

Re: Gymnastics Class for 5 year old boy

This isn't straight gymnastics, but very fun for a 5 year old. Trapeze Arts is a wonderful circus school in Oakland, where he can learn tumbling, trapeze, trampoline, etc. It's non-competitive and fun, with close attention paid to safety. The family that runs the school are wonderful, caring people who hire the same. Have fun! Heidi

Oct 2004

Re: Circus school in the East Bay?
Try Trapeze Arts in Oakland. They have classes for adults and children. They're listed in the telephone book. Website here: with a coupon!

Trapeze Arts in West Oakland is a fantastic place to learn circus arts! Flying Trapeze, Aerial Arts, Trampoline, juggling, etc. The teachers are experienced with kids and with performing and are a varied and enthusiastic group of people. Adults and teens take classes here too. My daughter and other kids I know have been really happy with classes at this one year old Circus Arts school. Give them a call for types and times of classes.(510) 419-0700. Laurie