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Swimming Lessons for Scaredy Cats

Jan 2011

Sadly this mama has never learned to swim, and now have a 3 year old that is a little trepidatious of water too. So two questions: Do you know of any learn to swim classes for adults (pref. in Berkeley area) that are fearful of water? I looked at something called the Miracle Swimming Institute, which looks great, but is WAY beyond my modest budget range. Any beginning swimming classes at Ys or local rec type places that are good for those fearful of water? I've tried regular beginning classes before but never seemed to follow along very well because I was still to nervous to let go of the side of the pool! And for my kid, is there a best way to approach swimming lessons? Should I just try to put him in classes now and keep at it until he's comfortable? Wait til he's older? And any recs for places patient with little ones? I just want to get past this fear of water and of course don't want to pass it on. Thanks swimmers--we hope to be among you one day.

Although probably further than you would like, I highly recommend the private swim school we attend, Little Swimmers in Concord. The instructors are patient and caring. I've witnessed both teachers work calmly (and successfully) with young swimmers who were scared of the water. Lessons are private or semi-private for lots of individualized attention. You can check them out on the web at www.littleswimmersconcord.com Swimming mom

I can totally relate. Check into timoliver swimming in Oakland. Warm, quiet, calm and peaceful pool with only a handful of students at any given time. Tim and his staff work with swimmers of all levels, including special needs. I call him The Swim Whisperer! My daughter, who has some sensory issues, went from freaked out to water baby by her third lesson with him. Breaking the scaredy-swimmer cycle

Hi, My daughter learned to swim at Canyon swim school in El Sobrante when she just turned 5. She was scared of water too. I chose this place because the water is warm and comfortable, the teachers are in the pool with the students, and the ratio of teacher student is great 1:4. I think they can help adults too, but do not know for sure. The pool is seasonal. You can find out more by reading BPN archives and visiting their web site. Good luck! fan of Canyon swim school

My husband never learned to swim

April 2009

Hi, my husband grew up without learning how to swim and is not comfortable in water more than a few feet deep. He is otherwise incredibly fit and exercises regularly but sinks in the water. Does anyone have a recommendation of a class or individual who specializes in teaching adults to swim? Thanks He wants to be able to swim with our kids

East Bay Regional Parks offers adult (and child) swimming lessons. It worked wonderfully for my husband, who has wanted to learn to swim for some time. Last fall he took at class at Roberts Park in Oakland at the same time our son took a class on the other side of the pool. He signed up for a group lesson but ended up being the only person in that class, so got some one-on-one instruction. He's looking forward to his next lessons once the pool opens this year, and is much more comfortable in the water with the kids now. For more information go to http://www.classweb.ebparks.org/eConnect5.2/Activities/Activities.asp?SCheck=74199363=39920.4757312153=4 Happy with swim lessons at Roberts Pool, EBRPD

Swimming Lessons for Mom

June 2002

After years of hearing that swimming is the ideal exercise, I'm ready to take the plunge. Yep, that's right -- mom can't swim. Now, I wouldn't drown if tossed in a body of water (I can tread water, do the backstroke, etc.) but I never mastered the crawlstroke or breastroke -- I've always had an aversion to putting my face in the water, and I never got the hang of the breathing. Can anyone recommend an instructor and pool for me? I live near Rockridge BART, and I would prefer something relatively close to home, although a kind and nurturing instructor is just as important. I checked the website, but everything there is about swimming lessons for kids. Thanks.

While not lessons, I learned the crawl/freestyle stroke from a book. Like you, I knew how to not drown, but I didn't know how to swim laps. I checked out a book with pictures and instructional text, then watched people at lap swim who looked like good swimmers, then got in the slow lane and practiced. Good Luck. Liz

If you have a UC affiliation, you might look into taking courses through their P.E. department (now called Human Biodynamics or something similarly fancy). That was where I learned to swim 10 years ago. Although the size of the class (20) may have slowed down the pace of instruction, the trade-off was a really good- natured atmosphere. Being in the pool with so many other adults who hadn't learned to swim did a lot to dispel my embarassment, and I recommend the classes. Jennifer