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  • Hello! My daughter just started kindergarten and misses the little bits of Spanish she sometimes spoke in preschool. Is there a once-per-week afterschool class in North Berkeley for little ones who want to get together to learn Spanish, sing fun songs, and so on? If not, we'd also appreciate any recommendations for teachers who might want to work with our daughter.  Gracias! 

    I have been looking forever for this in this area (only have found kid classes in Lafayette and private tutoring at Centro Latino in Berkeley). Excited to see if others have recommendations. For now, we ended up forming a small group (KGarten and 1st graders) and finding a Spanish-speaking childcare provider to meet with our kids once a week to learn Spanish after school. Here is the email (I got her consent to post): ingridjalvarado [at]

    Hi! Escuela Billingue in San Pablo has free spanish story time sometimes and camps during break. Its alsona great school, my son is an alumni and is a Freshman at Bentley and tested into Spanish 4 honors.

    If youre interested in a tutor, theres a lot.of EBI teachers that tutor the kids and I can connect you if interested. Feel free to DM me


    Check out Creative Spanish on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. They host both Summer Camps and After school programs.

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  • Hi there, 

    I am considering Creative Spanish so that my kindergartner can have a spanish-immersion experience after school. Is anyone familiar with this program - either the after care or the summer camps? (I believe the owners also run the Colibri Preschool next door)? If so, what are your thoughts, experiences, reviews or would be you be able to connect me others who might have perspective? I am particularly interested in safety, nurturing, diversity and whether or not you see an improvement in your child's Spanish conversation skills.

    Thank you!

    My kids have all gone to Colibri (one of the owners also runs Creative Spanish and many families just move from one program to the other) the oldest did a few weeks of Creative Spanish summer camp. Juliana, the owner, is awesome. She loves encouraging kids' exploration of Latin culture and fluency in Spanish. She does a good job of positively but firmly encouraging the time to be Spanish speaking. I think the kids have a lot of fun and grow as Spanish speakers.

    We had a rough experience with summer camp because my kid was so stressed out and disregulated from Covid closures and disruptions that it ended up being a really tough time for him. Juliana worked so hard to make it work though (she had been one of his preschool teachers and cares for him very much). She worked well with him and us to try to support his behavior and regulation. But their indoor space is pretty small so he didnt really have the room he needed and when they went to the park he couldn't stay with the group. All this is to say, I still recommend Creative Spanish but it wasn't for my kid at that time despite them trying so hard. I felt very supported as a parent through all that as we tried to figure things out for which I'm very grateful.

  • Are there any Spanish-language / learning activities in or around Berkeley for young kids?  Our son is almost five and we would love to get him some exposure to Spanish, as we are thinking about living in Spain in the not too distant future.

    Escuela Bilingüe Internacional (EBI) offers Spanish immersion summer camps. Each week has a different theme and all counselors are native speakers. EBI also offers a monthly Spanish story time the second Saturday of the month. It is returning in person at the Alcatraz Campus on May 14th from 10-10:30am and is free and open to the public. I recommend you check out their programs!

  • My son is entering kinder, and I'm looking to preserve my family's heritage language. He doesn't want to speak Spanish at home anymore because his friends don't speak it. I thought some kind of after school or weekend program or club in Spanish would be fun for him. Online Spanish instruction or hiring a tutor doesn't work for this need, we want to socialize him with fun activities that happen to be in Spanish. Any tips? Berkeley, Albany, or Oakland would work for us.

    Creative Spanish is an after school Spanish immersion program. They're up near Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland. We haven't done the after school portion but last summer my son did their summer camp and had a good time. Lots of fun activities and language development through social interactions and projects.

    La Plazita in Oakland runs after-school programs as well as summer camps. See: and Good luck!!

    Hi. This is a really good question. I currently have a 4 year old that we will be entering TK in August and we would like to also take part in Spanish clubs/groups. Besides speaking Spanish at home and only watching movies in Spanish, we have participated in the monthly virtual story time with Escuela Bilingue Internacional. It is free and you can sign up on their website. Before the pandemic, we participated as a family en Canta y Baila Conmigo in person with the class located in Oakland. Here is the link to enroll/get on the waitlist:

    I wish I can provide more information. Good luck!

    Bladium in alameda was offering a spanish soccer class. I can’t remember what age it starts, but it sounded great (my 2 year old isn’t old enough).

     There is also in lafayette. They offer classes, camps and outings. I haven’t done any of them but i recently signed up

  • My 4th grade daughter is interested in taking a Spanish language class after being introduced to Spanish on the Duolingo app all during Covid. Does anyone have any recommendations for an enrichment class or summer camp for a beginner? Or is it best to go the tutor route? Thanks!


    I never had any interest in Spanish, but I happened to see that my favorite community college has some old (and thus free) resources on this topic. Here's the link:    

  • Learning Spanish without screens?

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    during pandemic times, when all activities are via zoom, what is a zero-screentime family to do? i am very committed to keeping up with my daughters spanish language acquisition, and was all set to do canta & baila conmigo before the pandemic. i dont want to do the offering on zoom. anyone have any other creative ideas on how to keep up conversational language going, besides screens? i do some recorded music but cant find much i like. any beautiful acoustic (not kid-crazy pop) spanish language music for kids? and, beyond that, is there anything SAFE that is outdoors or .... do spanish language conversation? for a 2.5 year old? thank you!!

    The library has a lot of books in Spanish! You can send an email to request Spanish books for your kid's age range, or search and request them yourself. If nobody in your kid's life can speak/read Spanish, you may have a hard time - it's really hard to learn a language from music or anything that isn't interactive. We hired a part-time Spanish-speaking babysitter to watch our kids for a couple of afternoons a week because we wanted some in-person language exposure. We also need the childcare, so it was a fairly easy choice for us, but obviously it means bringing another person, and her family, into our exposure bubble. You could hire someone to watch your kid only outside and it would be safer. 

    Times have changed.  If you are a zero-screen time family you might want to reconsider you position.  Screens are the best tool for learning we have.  But if you insist in not using screens your options are phone, records, CDs, tapes, and books.  I would say videos and DVDs but that requires a screen.

    Covid and isolation is going to be with us for months if not years to come.  As a parent and an educator I really hope you re-consider your no-screen policy.  There are app and online groups your daughter could be using.  Give it some thought.

    For music, we love 123 Andres. You can play then from YouTube but we have some CDs too.


    I unfortunately do not know of any socially distant activities. However, I do have a few other resources to share: - monthly age appropriate subscription box with activities and vocabulary in Spanish. local book store that focuses on diverse books in Spanish. You can order a la carte  or as part of a subscription.


    We love 123Andres and their kids music (Grammy award winning). They do have a fun virtual live show every week but you could just as easily buy the CDs/ download their music.

    I would also look into music by Jose-Luis Orozco.


    Check out the CDs of Marta Gomez, a very talented Colombian jazz musician who has done several lovely children’s albums, including one of traditional songs for which she won a Latin Grammy. 

    Have you looked into KSS Immersion School? They teach pre-schoolers Spanish and it sound's like your daughter is about that age. 

  • Learning Spanish - toddler and myself

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    Hi, I'm looking for updated recommendations for ways to introduce my toddler (2.5 years) to Spanish and to learn myself as an adult.

    In summer we will visit friends in a Spanish-speaking country and she will be around a lot of people speaking Spanish only. I speak Spanish sort of from my school days. Last time I visited I got by but it was pretty rough to not be able to communicate with everyone there. I feel inspired to improve my skills in advance of this trip and would love to introduce her too, as it would be especially great if she could be cared for by some of our Spanish-speaking friends while we are there.

    Wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to approach this? I'm interested in things that she and I can do together as well as anything tailored for each of us individually. For her I'm open to everything from watching sesame street together to mommy and me classes to a part time immersion preschool (okay that might be ambitious for our family situation but I am considering). I have no idea what would be most effective.


    East Bay Music Together does a great class  in Spanish called "Canta y Baila" at Destiny Arts Center in Oakland. You get a songbook and CD and the teacher, Anna Maria, is fantastic. We just signed up for our third session. 

    Want to echo RLidow's comment on "Canta y Baila Conmigo", and Anna Maria in particular! We're actually focused on teaching our kids  languages other than Spanish (because of our immigrant heritage), but Anna Maria is so good that we'll be rejoining for something like the 4th time. Natalia Bernal and other Canta y Baila Conmigo instructors are also really fun. 

    Something very easy and high yield:  watch Peppa Pig in Spanish.  She will hear commonly used idioms and content is very age appropriate and relevant to her.  It is all conversations among young kids and adults to young kids.    It may not get her speaking Spanish, but that will come when she is immersed and has no option - kids will almost always answer back in English anyway unless there is no option.  And she will feel so much more comfortable if she at least understands the basics when she goes on her trip.

    both my kids are bilingual (6 and 3) and i have to keep up with them.  Peppa helps me do that!

  • Hello

    I'm wondering if anyone has heard of a Spanish Saturday school in the East bay for pre-schoolers or school-age children. I'm bilingual but am having a hard time encouraging my children to learn/keep up their Spanish. If anyone has heard of such a program (I'm thinking similar to how there exist Chinese or Arabic Saturday Schools) please let me know!

    Additionally - in the case that there are no such programs do let me know if you would be interested in having your kids attend a Saturday Spanish School. In my desperation I may just coordinate teachers and friends to launch one of our own.


    I'm also looking for a Saturday Spanish school. I found "Viva El Espanol" ( online, but I have no experience with their program. I also don't know that I would want to trek out to their East Bay locations in Lafayette or Pleasanton. If you find a program in the Oakland/Berkeley area, please let me know. If you decide to start up a program, let me know as well. I'd be interested in learning more about it. 

  • We are searching for a pre-school Spanish teacher to come in for two hours, one day per week to teach 2, 3, 4, and 5-year-olds early childhood Spanish. If you have any leads and recommendations, we would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time, Samantha 

    [moderator note: please remember that BPN doesn't allow self-promotion in posted replies:

    I'd like to recommend the Spanish teacher for Pear Tree Preschool and Pear Tree community school, Araceli Deanda. She can be reached at aracelideanda [at]

  • How to start a Spanish afterschool class

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    I'm looking to help start a Spanish after school class at my children's elementary school in Oakland. I'm familiar with Viva el Espanol, but have heard mixed reviews. Does anyone have a recommendation for other classes that would come to a school? Or an individual who has this sort of skill set that is open to the idea? Many thanks for your suggestions!

    Afterschool enrichment programs have been very successful in El Cerrito, here is the link for any ideas it may give you:

  • Inexpensive way for kids to learn Spanish!

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    My child (7years old) loves to learn Spanish and I don't speak the language.

    We check out books to read, audio books, videos, etc., but there's nothing like having conversations:)

    Are there any groups, classes, etc., that might not be too expensive in the Bay Area? Maybe a great place to meet and hang out with native speaking Spanish children?

    Any and all suggestions welcome:)

    Thank you.

    Take a look at Italki:  It's a language exchange where you can search for certified teachers or community tutors. Many work with absolute beginners and kids, and they tend to be very warm and friendly. Once you set up a free account, you can search for teachers and specify your criteria (time, day, works with children/works with absolute beginners). Rates are $4 to 20/hour for Spanish teachers, with $12-14 common. Half hours are also possible, and they work through Skype. I have had wonderful teachers there and can't say enough about how pleased I have been with the experience. Good luck!

    Try WISH montclair ( Sylvia is lovely with the kids and she makes learning Spanish fun! Pretty reasonably priced as well. My son is in a dual-immersion school and needed more Spanish support. He loves his classes there. She does all levels and will informally test your child to place him/her.

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2013 Recommendations

2010 - 2012 Recommendations

After school classes in Spanish

April 2011

Looking for recommendations for high-quality afterschool programs in Spanish that provide a variety of enrichment activities and outdoor fun in the general Berkeley/Oakland area for grades K-5 kids. Most interested in programs that go from end of school day until about 5:30 or 6pm. Homework support in Spanish a plus. working parent

Escuela Bilingue Internacional on Alcatraz below College in Oakland has after school programs in their Spanish immersion school that goes from preschool to 8th grade. I'm not sure if their school year program is open to students outside their school, but they definitely have * summer school * in Spanish open to preschool and elementary school kids. Two week sessions are morning, afternoon, or both. - happy parent

Editor Note: responses were also received from these businesses: Lango Kids and Viva el Espanol.

Spanish Class for a 5 year old

April 2010

I am looking for a spanish class for a 5 year old. Not a summer camp where he would have to go every day. Just a once a week class in Berkeley or the West Contra Costa area.

Lango has a bunch of Spanish classes for elementary aged kids. You can check out the current schedule at and see if there are any that match your schedule. If not, you can always ask about adding other days/times. Cheryl

Feb 2010

hello. i am looking for a place and/or person to work with my son in learning spanish on-going & long-term. any recommendations for an after school class, personal teacher or leaning group? gracias! leslie

Hola, You should really check out 'Viva El Espanol' learning Center.They have a variety of locations in the Bay Area, but their main campus is in Lafayette. The teachers are wonderful and the classes are really fun and innovative. My children have been attending sessions for the past 3 yrs (they are 5 and 6yrs old) and are Bilingual.They're website is , their phone number is (925)962-9177. Hope this helps! Denise

Lango offers Spanish classes (also French and Mandarin) all over the Bay Area - various times and locations. Cheryl

2007 - 2009 Recommendations

May 2007

Hi. Does anyone have any recent recommendations for Spanish classes for pre-school/kindergarten age (other then programs offered at EBI). Looking for something in East Bay....I heard of new group that started locally but can't find any info. on them!? Monique

Lango has spanish classes for kids in Oakland and Berkeley. My 2 and 4 year old have been going for a month, but they also offer classes for older kids, up to 8 or 9 years.. The website is Justin

Try Centro Latino on San Pablo Ave at Dwight Way. The class sizes are small.

I'm looking for Spanish classes for my 5-year old . I'd like her to be in a group with other kids.I live in San Leandro, and could travel to Oakland, Berkeley, or Hayward. Any leads? Joseph

Centro Latino in Berkeley (849-4504; has group classes for children. I heard of them thru a friend of a friend and don't know about the quality of the classes. Jennifer

Spanish for preschooler

Dec 2008

We would like our 3-year old to learn some spanish. She's in preschool already so we'd like a supplemental class that meets once a week, and is in Berkeley or North Oakland (hopefully in the south berkeley/elmwood/rockridge area). We are looking for a class we can drop her off at (doesn't require parent participation). The archives list Habitot classes, but Habitot doesn't appear to offer spanish any more, and the Richmond classes are too far away. Thanks! -anon

I know of a great language program for kids that has several locations across the Bay, including Berkeley/North Oakland. Lango is a language immersion program that uses art, music and games to teach kids a foreign language in a fun, enaging manner. You can find out more about Lango at their website Hope that helps! Ginella

Hi there, Viva el Espanol is a great program for infants through adults. Their home base is in Lafayette but their teachers travel to different locations. They come to Point Richmond's Fieldhouse on Mondays, from 11-11:50am, for a parent and me art class. This class is for 1 - 3 year olds with caregiver. Otherwise, they also come for a pre/K Spanish class on Fridays, from either 3-3:50pm or 3-4:50pm (the extended version). This class is for 3 years and older, with no parent participation. Your first class is always free. The Point Richmond Fieldhouse is at: 110 E Richmond Ave, Richmond, CA 94801. Their website is:

Hi- I can highly recommend,''Viva EL Espanol'', in Lafayette. There are also ''Viva El Espanol''full immersion classes peppered in various cities in the Bay Area.There are classes available for all ages,reasonable prices, very flexible and make learning FUN!My children,ages 4 and 5 yrs old, have been attending the Lafayette campus for almost 3 years and are now Bilingual.And,''Viva''classes are also incorporated in a variety Public Schools, including, my daughter's Oakland Public School,in the Bay Area.Check them out!The phone number is (925)962-9177, the website is Denise

After-school Spanish for a 5-year-old?

March 2008

I am looking for a Spanish program for my 5 YO daughter during the school year, either after-school or on Saturdays. Can anyone recommend a program (preferably in Berkeley, Albany, or El Cerrito; possibly in Richmond or Oakland)? Also, does anyone know of a good Spanish immersion summer camp (for next summer and beyond) that they can recommend? Thanks! Lori

My almost 5 year old son is finishing up his second week at Camp Lango , a Spanish immersion camp. I was nervous about sending my son to something new and the director, Michael Fee, answered all my questions and was very reassuring. With no previous Spanish experience, my son is learning so much and having a lot of fun. The counselors have been very skilled, kind and energetic. The activities and music program are organized and well thought out. Here is Lango's website: The contact phone number is 888-445-2646. Stephanie

Spanish classes for my 3 year old

Nov 2007

I am looking for Spanish play classes or private classes for my 3 year old in the Piedmont area. I know that the Piedmont Recreation Center has one during the day but we would like something after 1 pm. Any recommendations for private tutors that can make it fun for a toddler would be great. He understands Spanish. Thanks Maisy

My son just turned three and we've been taking Spanish classes for several months at Lamorinda Spanish/Viva el Espanol at the Lafayette campus (their main place.). The do have classes in Oakland as well, but I'm not sure where. We live in Emeryville so its a little bit of a trek for us but well worth it. They are wonderful! The teachers speak to the students totally in Spanish and do lots of ''showing'' with their hands to get their point across. You can take a free trial class to check it out. They have several Parent & Me classes for Arte and Musica and pre-K classes as well. They also have classes for older children & teens. He really likes it and so do I. You can check them out online at julie

i have to also highly recommend Viva el Espanol in Lafayette! They are an amazing group of teachers and the classes are geared for tots to 8th graders; they are also now offering adult classes. So, you can be in your own class while your 3 year old is in his/her own class at the same time. The classes are in 100% Spanish. My son has done the parent/toddler music class, the parent/toddler art class and is now doing the preschool class on his own and loving it. So, while it's also a trek for us to go to Lafayette, it's well worth the time. If we can't send my son to a dual immersion school, this is the second best thing. Visit them online at: viva el espanol fan

2004 - 2006 Recommendations

Summer Spanish Classes Lamorinda

June 2006

I'm looking for fun summer Spanish lessons in Moraga/Lafayette/Orinda for an elementary age child who has never studied before. I saw some classes offered through local community centers but they focus on preschool-K age kids. Any ideas? I'd love to find someplace close by where we can enroll during the school year as well.

Viva el Espanol in Lafayette is running camps this summer, as well as daily classes during the summer and throughout the school year. They have classes for all ages, including a dedicated class for elementary aged kids. My two kids ages 5 & 8 are enrolled in the ''Under the Sea'' camp this week and are loving it. They will participate in ''Bugs Life'' next week. They have been enrolled in the dialy classes all of last year. I'm very impressed by the teachers, and the curriculum involves music and art so it is very fun for the kids. Their website is

Spanish classes for toddlers

Jan 2006

I am looking into Spanish classes for my twins. I am hoping to find classes, locally that start teaching kids around 2 years of age. Any recommendations?? isabella

Please check out HABITOT. Call and ask to speak to Caroline Lacey. There are two classes that meet on Monday afternoons. The first is EXPLORANDO ESPANOL. This class meets Monday 3- 3:45. The second class that they are still trying to enroll is NINOS EN LA COCINA. It is a cooking class for children. This one will meet 4-4:45 if they can get the enrollment up. The teacher is Liza Sanchez, and she is wonderful. My son loves it. As far as ages, they really want kids close to 3, but if your 2's were close to 3, I bet they would be accepted. LR

PRAM runs Spanish classes for children aged 3 and up (they have to be able to attend independently). Classes are ongoing throughout the year and hopefully they'll continue next year when you're children are older. You can get more info from They're located in Pt. Richmond at 110 E. Richmond Ave. buena suerte

we take a great class in Pt. Richmond offered by PRAM on Thursday afternoons from 3:30-4:15 at the Fieldhouse. You can call for info (510)620-6843, but I have found them less than responsive, so I just showed up one day & signed up. the teacher, Rosie, is great. all the kids love the class. they learn common vocabulary words, incorporate art projects, food, etc. she even does little parties for the holidays. it is very affordable- $40 for 8 sessions. your kids do need to be able to attend by themselves (ie parents are not allowed to stay- the instructor has found the kids are better able to focus) buena suerte, mama of a spanish learnin' 3 year old

Orinda Community Center has a wonderful Spanish class offered for toddlers ages 2-4 and their caregivers. It is a class made up of singing, playing games and creating art while learning Spanish. Taught Fri. from 11:30-12:15 pm. from 1/20-3/24. Cost is $109 for non-residents of Orinda. There is also lots of free parking and a great park to play in right outside of the class when the lesson is done. If you like it, the class continues 4/21-6/2 for $85. There is still space, it is not too late to get in. Call 925-254-2445 to register. Address: 26 Orinda Way, Orinda CA (right off the BART line.) Mom into Spanish

2003 & Earlier

Maintaining kids' Spanish after a year in Ecuador

June 2003

We've been living in Ecuador for the last year with our two daughters, ages 5 and 8, and they are now rattling away in Spanish to each other and friends. We will be returning to Oakland this summer and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about how to keep up their Spanish when we are back. I can't think of any obvious way to maintain their Spanish effectivley. If we lived in Berkeley we would do everything we could to get them in one of the immersion programs. But Oakland, and Chabot, (their school), has no immersion programs. I have never heard of a Spanish Bilingual private school in the East Bay. Is there one? Having them take an afternoon class a week doesn't seem like much. We have friends that they can talk with but its not the same as full day immersion in Spanish (Our Spanish is passable but not good enough to conduct our home lives in Spanish). Any thoughts? Thanks, Liz

I would try to have your children make friends with Spanish speaking children at school and invite them over for after-school play as often as possible. Try to encourage them to watch Spanish-language TV. Unfortunately there aren't many good children programs on network TV (though they do have cartoons), so you may want to check into cable-TV offerings. buena suerte! anon

We have a similar circumstance as you -- we have spent a sabbatical year living in Mexico, returning in August, and now have a 5 year old son who speaks Spanish much better then we do. (How do they get that subjunctive tense!??) Though we live in Berkeley we are sad that we didn't get into the Cragmont immersion program as it would have been a natural extension for him (grumble grumble at the school choice lottery...)

But to assure that he continues to be truly bilingual we are doing several things: 1) It may be impractical for you, but we are bringing back a Mexican student to live with us, enjoy a California adventure, and speak only Spanish with our son. At the least you might try to find an occasional babysitter who can speak spanish with your children. Also, lots of Cal students speak spanish and you might ''employ'' one to come over to talk with your kids afew times a week. 2) Before we left Berkeley, my son took a Saturday kids class at Centro Latino. Perhaps they will offer a more ''advanced spanish'' course for kids like ours if we get enough interest. Also, Habitot Children's Museum in Berkeley is starting a spanish language class -- ditto re influencing them to hold an ''advanced class'' as their classes are always great. 3) I know of at least one other child in Berkeley/Oakland who is spanish-english bilinqual -- I am sure there are MANY -- perhaps we can organize a play group when we get back?? The rule: solo hablando en espanol! Anybody interested please feel free to send me a personal email. Felicidades on giving your children the gift of two languages! Kathy

There are wonderful new spanish lessons for 1-14 year olds in both Lafayette and Piedmont put on by 1 Worldly Wise Language & Culture Organization. The classes are for beginners & those with experience and kids have a lot of fun doing what they like to do in Spanish with age-appropriate activities. Check out the website at chris

Spanish for 1-3 year olds

June 2003

I am looking for videos that teach young children basic spanish. I do not speak/understand spanish myself. Individual videos or a series would be great. Please let me know where these videos are available also. Any recommendtions would be appreciated. Princess3kaz

OK, I am not sure how old your kid is, so I am giving some for different ages. Your local children's librarian can give you sepcific choices based on your kid's age. My list is not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination.

  Bilingual Baby Spanish So Smart! Spanish Lyric Language Spanish Peli the Clown 

There are also some nice tape/CD kits with books that you can use if your kid is older. denise

How to teach Spanish to a 2.5 year old

April 2003

We would love to teach our children spanish. Any suggestions for books, tapes/CDs, videos or other inexpensive methods to teach a 2 1/2 year old? We looked into classes but can't believe a one hour ''spanish play group'' for $16 once a week will teach him spanish. anon

Have you checked into the Spanish TV stations and Sesame Street in Spanish? It's called Plaza del Sesamo and your child will probably pick up a lot by watching. Totally free! Elaine

January 2003

I am looking for CDs or tapes to help my 1 year olds learn Spanish. ginnyfine

Jose-Luis Orozco makes great spanish children's music. I believe he has several CD's on the market. Linnea

May 2002

I would love to introduct my children to the basics of the Spanish language, with a fun class including music. Does anybody know of something like this? Thank you! Michelle

Does anyone know of a local (East Bay) Spanish class for children younger than 3? The archives contain a brief recommendation for Centro Latino in Berkeley, but their youngest students are 3, and my daughter's just turning 2. I'd like to find out whether there's anything local that's the sort of mommy-and-me type of play-based language course that a friend is doing with her delighted 2-year-old in Portland. Thanks. Darcy

Try tuning to the Spanish TV station when Plaza del Sesame (Sesame Street) is on. My husband is from Mexico City and we wanted my son to learn Spanish. The program is identical to the English version of Sesame Street, only conducted totally in Spanish, of course! My son is 7 now and can translate conversational Spanish for me, so it has helped a great deal. EB

well, my almost 3 y.o. daughter is English-Spanish bilingual (Enlish dominant)... here are my recs: although i think muzzy has a horribly sexist, classist story line (not to mention the fat/thin thing goign on with the female characters), i have to say that my kid loves it, particularly the audio tape (just the audio from the videos) that we play at least twice a week in the car. the videos look like they were made in 1985 or so, but again, she loves 'em. they've been well worth the rather high price.

we also have 3 or 4 disney 'canta con nosotrsos'' videos, and she likes one for a month or two and then changes her mind... they occasionally have some scary song/scenes (well, scary for my kid), but the rhythms are great--they're disney songs! the only other i can speak to is the ''family circus learns spanish'' (or something similar). inadvisably bought at barnes & noble on a whim--cheesy, hard to follow songs (hard to follow in English AND in spanish), kids doing cheesy things... one more thing: if you don't have them, jose luis orozco's De Colores, an audio tape and a book (sold separately) are great, and everyone--my mother, my aunts, my kid--loves the songs. jessica

I have tried a few Spanish videos with my daughter (20 months) and her favorite is So Smart! Baby Language School - It is all music set to simple animations - no plain speech. She is mesmerized by the cartoons and loves the songs. She has even picked up a few words. The Bilingual Baby videos are also good - http://www.small- This is all speech with classical background music and live children acting out the words and phrases. The video teaches one words at a time, then puts them together to make a sentence. Plaza Sesamo videos are great if your child likes Sesame Street. A lot of the same characters are in both, and some of the same songs are just dubbed. Other songs and characters are unique to Plaza Sesamo. The videos are hard to find, but 30 min episodes are on KTEH at 7am on Sundays.

You can always get copies of favorite Disney movies dubbed in Spanish, but I have found those to be less interesting for toddlers. We do have a Spanish-dubbed copy of Blue's Clues that my daughter enjoys, but Steve's mismatched lips and voice drive me crazy! Jaime