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Feb 2009

Re: Spanish/English camp for 6-year-old
Hello! Allow me to recommend Camp Lango, our Spanish immersion day camp, to be held at Glenview Elementary in Oakland the weeks of July 20 and 27 and August 3. You're welcome to enroll for half-days, full days or extended care, and we're also happy to accept partial-week enrollments, as you describe here. Please visit, or email info [at] Thanks! mfee [at]

August 2008

Re: After-school Spanish for a 5-year-old?
My almost 5 year old son is finishing up his second week at Camp Lango, a Spanish immersion camp. I was nervous about sending my son to something new and the director, Michael Fee, answered all my questions and was very reassuring. With no previous Spanish experience, my son is learning so much and having a lot of fun. The counselors have been very skilled, kind and energetic. The activities and music program are organized and well thought out. Here is Lango's website: The contact phone number is 888-445-2646. Stephanie

May 2008

Does anyone have information about Lango Kids? We are looking at a Spanish program for our school. It seems that Lango is best suited for grades K-2 - Is that correct? For schools offering Lango Kids what do you do with kids in grades 3-5? Does Lango Kids use Total Physical Response method for teaching the language? Are you happy with the program? Is the cost per child a reasonable value?

Lango Kids is good if your child has NO exposure to Spanish prior to taking the course. This was a preschool program that was expanded to the elementary school level using the ideas for teaching preschoolers. In my opinion, the teachers are good, but the language instruction is the lowest level for an elementary school. It was good for my friend's kindergarten son because he did not have exposure to Spanish in pre-school. We now send my son to small group classes with the Spanish teacher at Redwood Day School. They have an EXCELLENT Spanish program. You also may want to check out Viva Espanol.

Feb 2008

I'm considering the LANGO summer day camp (Spanish) for my 8 & 5 year olds who haven't had much formal language training. Any feedback on this camp? How is the curriculum, safety, quality of the staff, do kids have fun there? Thanks! mom of dos

My five-year-old is in the LANGO after-school program -- and I would imagine the camp would be similar: he hasn't had any language training either and it doesn't matter at all. For this age the program consists in a lot of games and singing, etc. It's an immersion program so they keep the kids (who don't understand a word at first) engaged with this type of thing. I think it's pretty good. He doesn't LOVE it, but I'm sure this is because he doesn't know what they're saying! (A good thing in my view, btw; I like the idea of immersion and think this is the only way to go.) He doesn't hate it either, and he's there with his friends, having fun, and hopefully some language connection thing is happening in his brain, now, when it counts. Theresa

May 2007

Has anyone checked out the Lango Spanish classes for preschoolers offered at the Julia Morgan? I'm curious about the quality and style of instruction and whether you felt they were worthwhile, and if so, why? Thanks.

We just love our Lango class - we go to danspace for ours since my son is under 3. He has picked up so much - neither my husband or myself speak Spanish so this has been a lot of fun for all of us. His teacher is amazing, she loves the kids and is such a great instructor. I love it when my son says ''how do you say (insert just about anything!)in Spanish'' debbie

I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old that have been going to Lango for a month. They both seem to really enjoy it. The 2 year old class is parent participation and has a lot of music and play. The 4 year old class has more games and art, and my son now knows his colors, some animals, a few other words in Spanish. Both the teachers are great and really enthusiastic. I wish it was a little closer to my house. Justin in Oakland