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  • Adult Spanish lessons

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    I am a 60 year old looking for beginning Spanish classes.  Any good recommendations?

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    Try Piedmont Adult School. I attended the Spanish intermediate courses there and really liked. Also, it is inexpensive. The teacher for the beginning classes is not the same as the teacher for intermediate classes, so I can't comment on that. I have tried Berkeley Adult School too, but don't recommend it.

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    If you are interested in Spanish conversation, my mother, from Venezuela, use to be a Spanish teacher, and is looking to socialized, this could be a win win situation... she is coming back from Venezuela in November. If interested please contact me.

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    check la plazita preschool! they are offering weekly spanish classes to the parents and community starting this week. located in the laurel district. it’s a sweet community space and the director and teacher are wonderful! 

  • Spanish Language Lessons for Adults

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    I'm looking for recommendations for Spanish language lessons for adults. I want to be comfortable traveling in Spanish-speaking countries, asking for directions and understanding the answers, and maybe even holding my own in a friendly conversation. Also learning a new language contributes to brain plasticity and a better old age, which I'm rapidly approaching. I live in West Berkeley. Thanks.

    I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but for about a year I have been taking weekly Skype lessons with a fantastic woman named Miriam, who lives in Guatemala.  She doesn't speak much English, so you'd need to be prepared to dive right into Spanish.  I was barely over beginner status when I started with her, and it was fine.  She only charges $10/hour, is incredibly friendly/funny/talkative, and she'll have you up and running in no time.  Her email is miriamdez [at] if you're interested!


    Hi, I would recommend Ilona Sturm.  She is a West Berkeley resident who has lived in Spanish-speaking countries, and has taught the Spanish Conversation class at Berkeley Adult School for many years.  Her email address is her name (all run together) at yahoo-dot-com.

    Hi, I recommend to check out the Mesoamerica Institute. They have Spanish lessons for adults at different levels of proficiency. They are located by the Straberry Creek park.

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Spanish for mom and baby?

April 2010

Are there any kind of play groups to learn Spanish? I am a beginning Spanish speaker and I have a nine month old. I would love for my child to be exposed to another language and I want to work on my Spanish skills. Any suggestions? Want to be bilingual

Please visit We have a wonderful parent/baby music class which would be the place to start. When you baby is a little older, you can do the parent/toddler art class. All are full-immersion, lots of fun, and you learn together. Margaret

Escuela Bilingue Internacional is starting free Spanish story time. The first one will be on May 1st at 10am and will continue on the 3rd Saturday of the month throughout the year. This is a great way to get exposure to Spanish for you and your child. We hope to see you there! 410 Alcatraz Ave. Oakland (between College and Telegraph) (510) 653-3324 Liza Sanchez lsanchez [at]

Hola! Two ideas: Our playgroup has Mom's and children of all ages (ranging from infants up) and we speak Spanish only during our playdates. Try posting to the BPN Announcements newsletter to join or start a Spanish-speaking playgroup.

I also take my son to a music class in Spanish at Viva el Espanol in Lafayette. They also have other locations. The website is The class is called Parent & Me 'Musica' and is fantastic! I know they give new families a free trial class, we attend on Thursdays 9:30am. I look forward to hearing from you. Hasta pronto, Allison

Lango has some great parent/child Spanish classes - and they are all over the Bay. You can check out the schedule and locations on thier website ( You can also go to a trial class and see if it's what you're looking for. Cheryl

Hi~ I can highly recommend Viva El Espanol Learning Ctr. in Lafayette. My children had been attending the Lafayette campus for the past 5 years. We all attended the parent & me, La Musica class, with Jorge Liceaga, then my children later, were able to attend the Pre-K/Kinder class at the same time, so not only did my children get to have fun learning Spanish, acquiring a wonderful Spanish accent, but I got to brush up on my Spanish vocabulary too! Which has come in handy not only at work, but in our everyday lives.Check them out at or call (925)962-9177 Hope this helps! Denise

My 10 month old son and I are currently enrolled in Lango Spanish classes in Walnut Creek (Contra Costa County). He is really enjoying these classes - he smiles a lot! Kendra, the instructor, is great at keeping his interest. I believe that you can come to one class free to try it out.

2008-2009 Recommendations

June 2009

I'm looking for beginning Spanish instruction with an experienced teacher in Oakland, ideally near Lakeshore, Grand Ave., Piedmont Ave., or downtown. It could be a group or individual arrangement. Thank you in advance.

You could try the Spanish classes at UC Berkeley Extension .

Dec 2008

Re: Summer programs for Spanish in Spain
Recommendation for Spanish classes for teens or adults I highly recommend Instituto Mesoamerica in west Berkeley (near University and Bonita) as a great place to learn Spanish. Arturo Sosa, the director, is a wonderful teacher. He is a native speaker from Mexico, and is full of helpful explanations to make grammar stick! Besides his language teaching skills, Arturo has lots to share about the culture and history of latin america, and of latinos in the US. He is flexible with scheduling, and the classes are fun. His website is and phone # is (510) 849-3434 Sarah R

Earlier Recommendations

May 2002

I am interested in a group setting for Spanish lessons (not just a one-on-one tutor) where I could bring my infant son along. I thought I saw a posting about Spanish lessons for parents where they could bring their kids. I believe the lessons were in someone's home. I could not find it in the archive. Does anyone have info on that post? Or is someone willing to start that kind of a class? Is there any participant interest? Ann

I started taking beginning Spanish lessons from Liza Sanchez after reading her posting here a month ago. She is absolutely wonderful. I bring my 7 month-old son to her apartment in Albany, and she teaches me Spanish at a relaxed pace that allows us both to take care of our babies (she has a 1 year-old). Liza's an experienced teacher, and I'm amazed at how much I'm learning despite taking many breaks to feed or tend to my son. Right now she's tutoring me alone, but I think she'd like to get a group together. Her address is liza AT Kathryn

Night-time Spanish class

January 2002

I am looking for a good Spanish class for me. Ideally, it would take place at night...but other times possible. Anyone with good experiences/teachers to recommend? Stevie

I have taken several spanish classes through Albany Adult School from both Norma West and her son Andrew. Norma is a native speaker, Andrew is almost a native speaker, having been raised speaking both English and Spanish, then living in Latin America for many years. They both teach with patience and humor, which are vital when learning a language! Albany offers a range of classes from rank beginner to Advanced Conversation and they change from semester to semester, so you'd have to call for a schedule. I don't have the number handy, but they're in the book. Classes are mostly in the evening at the new Albany Middle School. Buena suerte! Anne-Marie and Tim

I didn't see the original post, so please excuse me if my answer is not a propos. I'm a rank beginner in Spanish, and highly recommend Ana Ruiz who teaches Spanish 1A and 1B (and perhaps other levels?) through the Piedmont Adult School. The class is large because she has a fervent following, but she transforms a classroom of overtired, overstressed, tongue-tied adults into a lively, laughing, pack of jabberers very reliably once a week. She has more comedic talent in her little finger than you'd find in all of Hollywood, and a black belt in psychological jiu-jitsu. Her class is the high point of my week. The link is: Siobhan