Bay Area Shakespeare Camp

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SF Bay Area, CA
Dance & Theater
School-Aged, Preteens, Teens
120 participants

Campers benefit from a professional atmosphere of creativity, heightened literacy, and self-expression, with ample doses of swordplay, stage combat, theatre games, set building and costuming. A mini Shakespeare play is performed for family & friends.

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April 2012

We are thinking of sending our gregarious 7-year-old son to the 2-week Shakespeare camp. Would love to get your impressions of the camp. El Cerrito mama

My daughter has loved the Bay Area Shakespeare camps. The teachers are really high quality, the camps are fun (stage fighting) and they do a real play. A pretty big accomplishment for 2 weeks. Happy parent

March 2011

I'd like to recommend the San Francisco Shakespeare Camps. They have camps all over the bay area which are fun, offer high-quality experience and are reasonably priced.

When she first went, my daughter had no experience in drama, and she loved it. She really loved the other kids, as well as the lessons on stage fighting (a highlight) voice and of course the play itself.

Sessions are offered for various age groups. Shakespeare Parent

June 2009

My daughter LOVED the SF Shakespeare Festival camp. I selected the camp because my daughter wanted to do Shakespeare and this camp was outside. The camp she attended was at John Hinkle Park in Berkeley. There are camps all over the Bay Area ? some inside others in parks. Last summer she was 12, and it was absolutely her favorite camp ever. She wanted it to go on forever. She liked the performance, the Shakespeare, learning how to ''stage fight'', but more than anything she liked how close the group of kids became working on something together. She had never done theater before, and she's a little shy. I was very impressed with how well she did in the production. They have camps for three age groups. The performances after the 2 week sessions are free and really fun. All the kids had a great time. Pam

April 2004

Has anyone had experience with the SF Shakespeare Camp (for teens, at John Hinkel Park)?

I think that this is the first year that the Shakespeare Camp is holding a teen program in Berkeley, so I cannot give any specific feedback about the teen program. However, my son did participate in the program for the younger children and loved it. He went for 3 summers (4th, 5th, and 6th grades, I think). I confess that initally I was most worried that there were too many girls and not enough boys. The numbers were rather lopsided, but somehow it never really turned out to be a problem. The boys learned sword-fighting and all sorts of ''stage combat.'' (So did the girls, but I was the mother of a boy, so that was where my worries lay at the time...) They actually learned quite a bit about Shakespeare, but they were having too much fun to realze it. The end-of-camp production was quite wonderful. The counselors were all very ''cool'' young adults, and my son loved them. He made friends, got to wear great costumes, made scenery, learned some memorable lines, and all-in-all had a wonderful time. Even though I cannot say how these experiences will translate into the teen camp, I suspect that it would be just as good!

March 2004

Re: Summer drama for teens
Check out San Francisco Shakespeare Festival. They have a separate camp for teens. Both my daughters have enjoyed these camps, at all ages. Rosalie