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Looking for East Bay flute and recorder teacher

Feb 2011

We are considering either flute or recorder lessons for our kids (and possibly for me, too). Does anyone have recommendations to offer? We're in the Albany/El Cerrito/Berkeley area. Thanks! Sara

There are two Recorder Societies that rent rehearsal space in our church (Hillside Community Church in El Cerrito). One is for adults and the other for children. I would suggest that you contact their director, Louise Carslake at 510-530-3202. She would be able to give you recommendations for teachers as well as information on the Societies. They are very active and skilled. I believe she can also help with recommendations for flute teachers. Good luck! and possibly we will see you at Hillside as part of one of those groups. Eileen

Acme House of Music in the Laurel District of Oakland has two great recorder teachers--Melanie Rath and Pete Cornell. Pete also teaches flute (and all the saxes). annette

Dec 2008

Are there any group classes for kids who want to play the recorder? My seven-year-old can already read music. The class would need to be in Berkeley/Albany after 4pm on a weekday, or on a weekend. Nomi

I have a great recommendation for a recorder teacher for young children. My child goes to a Music Teacher/Recorder teacher from the Bentley School. The teachers name is Adrienne Ricardo and she teaches children from age 5 up to Adults. She teaches recorder to my daughter who's 6yrs old and saxophone to my son who is 11 yrs old. My kids love her and have a lot of fun in their lessons. I liked the fact that she is a conservatory graduate and a k-3 music teacher already. You can reach her at aricardo [at] Debbie

If you're in the East Bay, THE recorder teacher for kids is Kristin Brooks-Davidman. She teaches after-school classes in many of the Berkeley public schools, and has done so for YEARS. Both of my kids started with her in kindergarten, and 12 years later my youngest is still with her, now playing flute. She has some of the most creative, fun musical activities I've ever seen, she has very informal music ''teas'' occasionally for groups of kids at her house (no adults allowed), takes kids to play at Ardenwood during the holidays, etc. No stress!! Some trios are playing a couple of weekends this month outside Sweet Adeline Bakeshop in So. Berkeley. Kristin, if you're reading - thanks!! kdavidman at fan of Kristin

Jan 2007

I am looking for recorder lessons for my seven year old. She would like to continue with the lessons she has had for the last two years at Montessori School. lisa

I would highly recommend Jane Webber in Berkeley. Jane gives ''gentle instruction for children and teens'' in the recorder and flute. She has taught my daughter (flute) for the past 4 years and is kind, warm and a great teacher. You can reach her at 841-6111. MK

June 1998

I recommend Ian WIllson 100%. He was my first saxophone teacher and he really taught me well. Now I'm waiting for my son to be old enough to study piano with Ian, or recorder, or sax. He has a young daughter and older step- sons and is great with kids. He is very, very smart, nice, enthusiastic, no pushover when it comes to recommending practicing, and very musical (important!). Give him a try; he's a Berkeley native and I know his whole family, startig with his mom and dad...a bunch of winners. His phone number is 510-763-1773. Wendy