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Nov 2008

Hello, I am looking for someone who can teach me to play traditional Irish music on the tin whistle. I live in El Cerrito, so ideally this person wouldn't be too far from there. Thank you! eileen

Dear Eileen I am referring you to a wonderful man and talented Irish Musician here in the East Bay. Shay Black can be seen regularly. Here is his email Shay: shay_black [at] hotmail.com web site http://www.black-brothers.com/ and check out his version of Barack Obama is Irish Shay Black: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EADUQWKoVek I hope you have a chance to meet him. Do write him and ask him for a referral to a teacher of your liking. Jim K

I'd definitely start with A Cheerfull Noyse, at 1228 Solano Ave. in Albany. It's near 5 Little Monkeys. They are a ''community music store'' and specialize in Irish music... Heidi

Contact Tesser (tesser [at] piperchicks.com). She teaches penny whistle and if you want to really go wild she can also teach you to play the bagpipes. She knows tons of Irish tunes. friend of Tesser

Irish Flute Lessons

April 2006

Hi , I am an adult with no musical experience except singing in the shower. I would love to learn to play some Irish or Celtic music. Does anyone have suggestions for an instructor who teaches adult beginners? Kids are a little older, I'm getting a life!

There are probably many people around who can teach you flute and Irish pennywhistle. If you already play flute and want to learn Irish tunes, I'd recommend the Sunday and Monday night sessions at the Starry Plough in South Berkeley. You will be blown away by how much the regulars know. anonymous

At the Irish Music session every Sunday (8.15) at the Starry Plough Pub on Shadduck in Berkeley there are a number of flute players, tin whistle players, and lots of other instrumentalists. It is an open session and musicians and singers at every skill level are invited, including children. They play medium to fast, but they welcome people bringing tape recorders with them to record and learn the tunes. The best recorders are the little dictaphone cassettes that allow you to play back at half speed, so you can hear the nuances, but any recording device works.

If you want good flute teachers, try Kris Willitts in Berkeley at 540-9562.

In Albany there is Chris Caswell at 527-3737. Chris also teaches Celtic Harp, Scottish bagpipes, Celtic percussion (bodhran, etc.), pennywhistle, and vocal production. See: http://www.chriscaswell.com

Good luck, and have fun. ~ Shay