Point Richmond Community Center

Richmond, CA
Exercise & Agility, Swimming & Water Sports
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All Ages

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Re: Yoga Classes in Pt. Richmond (2001)
I just picked up a flyer for classes at the Pt. Richmond Community Center, I haven't tried out the classes yet, but I've been looking for something in Pt. Richmond too: (1)Swan Yoga: Beginning Level: Tuesday,12:30pm & Wednesday,7:00pm. For info and fees call Swan Yoga: (520)236-9642 (2)Feldenkrais: Beginning level: Thursday,11:00am (starts July 18th) Intermediate: Thursday,7:00 Chair Class for Seniors, Wed at 11:00 am, Fee is $60/6 week series or $12.50 per class. For info about the Feldenkrais class call the Community Center at(510) 237-0935. AD