Richmond Plunge


The Richmond Plunge, operated by the City of Richmond, is located at 1 East Richmond Ave.

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Indoor non-chlorinated pool for swimming w/ babies

April 2011

Looking for an indoor pool where we can swim with our babies and perhaps do swimming lessons. Non-chlorinated preferred. Debra

I'm pretty sure the Richmond Plunge in Point Richmond is non-chlorinated. Plus, it was recently renovated, has a very gradually sloped shallow end (good for babies) and is just beautiful. You could check on line about lessons and schedules. liz

I encourage you to check out the Richmond Plunge (actually located in Pt. Richmond).

It has been beautifully restored and has a huge space to swim with kids that is shallower than most kids pools (only approx. 2.5 ft at the lowest). I believe they use saline and not chlorine & is all solar heated, but could not find the info. on their website. The only downside is that, in my opinion, it seems a bit cooler inside than it should be, but then maybe when you're not swimming, one can get cold more easily. Good luck....... anon