City of Pinole Swim Center

Operated By:
City of Pinole and YMCA of the East Bay
All Ages

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I recommend the Pinole public pool. Lanes are first-come and it has not been too crowded. Most other public pools in the area have reservation systems, such as Richmond, El Cerrito, and Albany, and are fine for adult lap swimming as well. The capacities and reservation systems might change after June 15.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

For some GREAT swimming lessons we went to Pinole Swim Center last year - I was so impressed with the teachers, and especially the guy in charge of scheduling the classes, etc. They were all wonderful with my then-water-shy 3 & 5 yr olds, and really spent a lot of time with each kid, at their level. The class sizes were fairly small (3-5 kids). They gave certificates at the end of each class (2 weeks long, M-Th 1/2 hour), along with, usually, a candy or some such from the instructor. My kids really loved it, and became swim lovers almost immediately. Its not far off the freeway, so the drive from El Cerrito is only 15 minutes, or so. You can call the city of Pinole for schedule, etc. We plan to return this summer for more. Molly