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Latin classes for high schooler

April 2013

Hi all. My son has taken Latin for the last 3 yrs at his middle school. He will be attending a HS that unfortunately no longer offers Latin. We have signed him up for Spanish but he would like to see if he could continue Latin somewhere for HS credit. Any thoughts on how this might happen are appreciated. Loves Latin

Check your local community colleges, and ask your high school for assistance (for example, if you want outside Latin courses to count for high school language credit). Many people do this kind of thing, just not usually for Latin.

Berkeley High teaches Latin, as does Pinole High in West Contra Costa, if you are interested in transferring.

If you have the budget for outside of school teaching, Latin is taught at Tilden Preparatory School on Solano, a private middle and high school where students can enroll in one class at a time. Many kids take a class here at the end of the day after they finish classes at a public school.

ATDP (Academic Talent Development Program) is a summer program sponsored by the UC Berkeley Dept of Education, and in past years I've noticed Latin as part of their offering.

My kids have not taken Latin, but they have taken classes from both Tilden and ATDP and really liked them. Pat

Tilden Prep in Albany has Latin through AP level. They have a full-time school, but also teach individual courses to students one-to-one or in small groups, and there is flexible scheduling to work around your son's schedule. My daughter attended Tilden Prep full-time for three years, and it was a wonderful experience for her. Their number is 510-525-5506 or you can google Tilden Prep. Tilden parent