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Latin tutor for BHS freshman

Nov 2008

Greetings - Our daughter is a BHS freshman and taking first-year Latin with Ms. Herndon. I think she'd benefit greatly from a tutor and am wondering if anyone has had recent experience with a Latin tutor whom you'd feel comfortable and confident recommending. It would be very helpful if the tutor were either close to Berkeley High, North Berkeley, or were accessible by AC Transit. We're looking for someone that really knows his/her stuff but is also kind, patient, and reliable. Many thanks

Your child can ask Ms Herndon for a recommendation of a current Latin 5-8 student and that student can tutor at lunch or after school on/near campus. Ms Herndon will only recommend those she feels are capable of or have experience with tutoring. My daughter tutored beginning students her senior year - she was usually paid, but expected less than her tutoring work that was done outside school. Mary