Looking for Latin class for high school freshman

My son will be starting high school at ECHS in the fall. He loves languages and is signed up for Japanese at ECHS, but he also really wants to take Latin, which is not offered at ECHS. I know it is offered at Berkeley High, but he is not interested in transferring. Is there another way he can take an in-person Latin class? I've checked the community colleges and as far as I can tell, none of them offer Latin. There are lots of online options, but he would very much prefer an in-person class. 

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I know Tilden Prep has this and I'm guessing Classroom Matters has this as well. My kid was at Tilden (not for Latin) and I've been disappointed by their lack of organization and overall flakiness, but the level of teachers (when they aren't calling in sick) has been very good. 

My daughter just finished up her second year of Latin at Tilden Prep in Albany. I'd highly recommend it. All of her classes there have been a great experience, but Latin is one of her favorites. Many of Tilden's teachers hold advanced degrees in the subjects they teach, and the Latin teacher at Tilden is among those. Another comment mentioned teacher absences. We have not experienced many teacher absences with Latin, though there were a few here and there in other courses during the 2021-22 school year. This, however, is being experienced across the nation. Many schools have teacher shortages and substitute shortages. Tilden is feeling these effects just like other schools are. In addition, strict COVID guidelines around illness and exposure protocol may mean that teachers have had to stay home more than they normally would. Luckily, with one-on-one classes, Tilden can often pivot immediately to online class sessions. And when that isn't possible, our experience is that the teachers adjust what's happening in class to make sure the pace of the course stays on track.

My daughter is a rising junior and has been at Tilden full time since 8th grade. She was a part-time student in 6th and 7th grade. Her teachers have been extraordinary in their subject-matter knowledge, passion for teaching, ability to build relationships with students, and commitment to their work. Plus, it's one-on-one instruction, which is hard to beat. I'd recommend Tilden for any course, and for Latin in particular.