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Sept 2009

Re: Saturday ballet/movement class for 3-y-o
We're enrolled in tiny tumblers (ages 2 - 3) at Kids in Motion at their new studio by the Oakland Whole Foods. We have been absoltuely impressed with Kristen, the teacher and the entire staff. They seem to know exactly how to tailor the class for the age of your child and are encouraging but not pushy and let the toddlers discover things on their own in a wonderful way. There's plenty of free play and stuctured play-just the right balance. While our class is in the gym studio, I know they offer Creative Movement for 20 months to 3 1/2 year olds which we may try next just to shake things up. stacy

April 2009

Re: Gymnastics for 4-year-old
I am not sure where you live, but Kids In Motion in Oakland on Piedmont is terrific. What is nice about that facility for beginners is that there is a seating area right in the gym for parents to watch the classes. And Golden Bear Gymnastics has good classes as well. A bigger facility and ultimately, a competetive program for older children. I would encourage you to try one of these over a community center program, as there is more equiptment available to the children in the classes. Trampoline, bars, ropes that may not be offered in a communtiy center room where mats, etc. are brought in by the gym teacher. Mom of a gymnast

April 2009

Re: Gymnastics for 4-year-old
I have a four and a half year old son who also is not the most coordinated or the strongest guy (would much prefer to look at a book). Anyway, we have been looking at and trying classes for a couple of years now.

Most recently we tried Kids in Motion on Piedmont. We actually went to several sessions (maybe 3? 4? each session is about 8 weeks long). The first session was great; and then they kept going downhill. The biggest problem is that even though we stayed consistent on the time we went; we got a NEW instructor every single time (usually they were new to KiM too). Felt like our son never got consistent instruction or learned anything.

August 2008

Re: Gymnastics Class for 5 year old boy
Hi, I had great luck with Kids in Motion on Piedmont Avenue. My daughter was 3 and 4 when she went there (last 2 years), and she loved it. The teachers were very enthusiastic and attentive, the class sizes were small, the difficulty of the exercises was age-appropriate, and they kept things moving along and lots of fun. I highly recommend it. Oakland Mom

Jan 2008

Re: Gymnastics Class for 2 year old
Kids in motion was great for my daughter when she was little. The only thing I would recommend is that if your little one really enjoys gymnastics and does it for a number of years you may want to explore a gym where they compete, like Golden Bear Gymnastics at UC Berkeley or Head over Heels in Emeryville. Kids in Motion is a non-competitive gym. The standards are very different. My daugher did eventually begin to compete and wished she had moved to the more competive gym before she did. She thinks she would have been further ahead but Kids in Motion was a great place to start.

We've been going to the Tiny Tumblers class at Kids in Motion on Piedmont for about 6 months and my two year-old loves it. The class is not very structured, which works well for that age group. Most of the time the kids are free to play on the equipment and with other toys/activities that are set up in advance by the staff. There are also two ''circle times'' called during the class when the kids come together as a group for stretching or a game and for the kids to take turns demonstrating different ''moves'' (somersault, crawling through tunnel etc) for each other. It is a really enjoyable class and I highly recommend it. Eve

Nov 2007

Re: Gymnastics class for a toddler/preschooler?
I have to say we have tried both HOH gymnastics and Kids in Motion. We LOVED HOH, the instructors are amazing and the facilities are primo!!! Kids in Motion was a terrible experience. The instructors were trying to make kids do things they weren't interested in, pulling arms, using inappropriate analogies, etc. When telling the owner of my bad experiences she told the instructor, and also pointed out who I was, even though I had asked my complaint to be anonymous. In the next class the instructor harassed me, wanting to know my specific concerns. I was very uncomfortable and told the director, she told me she would refund me money. To be short, we had to fight for our refund, the owner repeatedly failed to return our calls. It was an AWFUL experience. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. oakland mom

March 2007

Re: Gymnastics camp for 6 year old novice
Look at Kids In Motion on Piedmont Ave. tel: 601-8424. My daughter (also 6 yrs) is in her 2nd session there, taking after school classes. She loves it, and we'll be doing a week of 1/2 day camp there this summer. She has also taken lessons (but never a camp) at Head Over Heels; she enjoyed that as well, but it is a much bigger facility and can be daunting for a novice. I've found the staff at Kids In Motion to be very nurturing, attentive and respectful of different abilities. They also offer full day camps, but the latter part of the day is often spent off-site (parks, etc.) Good luck! We're in the same boat, trying to fill up a summer for the first time ever... A New Camper's Mom

Jan 2007

Re: Gymnastics for toddler in Piedmont or Rockridge

Hi. We go to Kids in Motion for gymnastics. It is located on Piedmont Avenue. It is perfect for little ones. Nancy

My daughter attended Kids in Motion Gymnastics classes and camp programs from age 3 until she grew out of Kids in Motion and joined the Golden Bears Gymnastics team located on UC Berkeley campus. While I loved Kids in Motion for many reasons, if your child really loves gymnastics and wants to compete you will need to move them to Head over Heels in Emeryville or Golden Bears in Berkeley. If they truly want to compete the sooner you move them to a team the better off they will be. Kids in Motion is a non- competitive gym and is a great, safe, place for your toddler to have fun and learn the basic moves for gymnastics. But if they stay there too long they will not get the skills to compete at the higher levels -- at least that is what we found. Mom of a jumping bean

Try Kids in Motion gymnastics on Piedmont Ave. - The City of Piedmont also runs some programs (definitely in the summer and maybe year-round), though in my experience they fill up fast. Call 510-420-3070 for a catalog. JP

April 2006

Re: Fun gym for 13-month-old
Kids in Motion on Piedmont Ave in Oakland has toddler gymnastics classes. Our daughter goes there and likes it. There is also something over at Cal.

Nov 2005

Re: Gymnastics class for 6 y.o. with special needs
My 6 year old son has been taking gymnastics classes at Kids in Motion (, on Piedmont Ave., for a few years now and the staff seem quite aware of a variety of developmental issues and have been able to help redirect my son (sensory intergration issues and language delays). He's been in classes just slightly under his actual age-level which has worked out fine for us socially and developmentally (eg. he's in a class for 4-5 yr. olds right now). I would avoid Sat. midday classes because the studio is quite noisy and distracting, and try for a day when there is maybe only one other class going on at the same time. Good luck. Tracy

May 2003

My daughter has been taking classes at Kids in Motion for over a year, and she loves it. Most of the teachers are really great -- energetic, creative, patient and safety-minded. The gym itself has good equipment, but it's a little run down. And the classes aren't cheap, but then what is around here? At three and a half, the kids do a 45-minute class by themselves while you relax at the cafe across the street. Enjoy! Dana

May 2003

My daughter attended Kids in Motion for about 4 years, starting around 4 years of age, and had a great experience. Kids in Motion is a non-competitive gym and especially geared to young kids. The instructors are well trained and keep the kids safe so that injuries do not occur -- very important!! They also have a fun ''Parents Night Out'' program every other Friday Night so parents can leave the kids and have a date night.

The only disadvantage is if your child wants to go into competitive gymnastics in the future. Kids in motion does not focus on competitive form and this can be a disadvantage if she moves on to competition. My only recommedation is that if she loves it, move her to Cal Bears or Head Over Heels in a few years. My daughter has now gone to a competitive gym and just advanced this year to Level 6. She got a great start at Kids in Motion.

PS. My daughter says to tell you that you should also look into Cal Bears where she attends now. They also have classes for young, energetic kids. Gym Monkey

My daughter (now 5) has been going to Kids in Motion since she was 2, and still loves it. I feel that they really care about kids having fun and being happy. The instructors all seem warm and caring. While my daughter isn't really shy, I'd guess that they'd be able to help a shy child. I'd suggest getting the current schedule, and dropping by to watch a session that's the appropriate level for your daughter, and see if you think the way the instructors deal with the kids would be right for her.