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Gymnastics camp for 6 year old novice

March 2007

Hello, we are new to having to figure out the whole summer activity schdule. I looked in the archives, and didn't see any gymnastics camps. There must be some that I probably missed. (That's a lot of camps!) Any suggestions? My daughter has not taken any gymnastics classes yet. Nancy

I have the perfect camp for your child: Gymnastics camp at El Cerrito Community Center , on Moeser. They have week-long morning camps (9-12:30) for this age group, and no prior experience is required. I believe they offer this most weeks of the summer, but you'll have to check. My daughter did it last year and will go again this year, and she had a blast. Check out the website for the City of El Cerrito's rec program and search around until you find the info, or go directly to the Community Center and register. Christine

Head over Heels in Emeryville offers classes for all levels and will have summer camp, too. They do not have summer schedule out yet, though. Their website is Also Golden Bears Gymnastics offers summer camp. Their schedule is already out on their web site. ( -- click on Youth Programs). anonymous

Look at Kids In Motion on Piedmont Ave. tel: 601-8424. My daughter (also 6 yrs) is in her 2nd session there, taking after school classes. She loves it, and we'll be doing a week of 1/2 day camp there this summer. She has also taken lessons (but never a camp) at Head Over Heels; she enjoyed that as well, but it is a much bigger facility and can be daunting for a novice. I've found the staff at Kids In Motion to be very nurturing, attentive and respectful of different abilities. They also offer full day camps, but the latter part of the day is often spent off-site (parks, etc.) Good luck! We're in the same boat, trying to fill up a summer for the first time ever... A New Camper's Mom