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  • I am looking for Italian language activities for my 2.3 daughter. I speak Italian and my husband does not (is learning). I'd love to immerse her more but there doesn't seem to be a preschool or other things that I can find in the East Bay. Does anyone know of anything or is also Italian speaking and want to gather to put something informal together?

    I speak Italian (or used to speak since I haven’t had anyone to speak with in a few years…) and did a few Italian Meet Up groups in the past, but not sure if they’re still active since COVID. I was unsuccessful in finding anything for my 3 year old daughter so she’s now in a French immersion preschool. I’d be happy to meet up in a park for a play date/Italian practice. 

    Fox and Bear day care is Italian immersion. Olga, the director might know of activities if you’re not looking for full-on day care. ciao! 

  • Italian lessons for kids?

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    I speak Italian but am just now starting to teach my kids. I'd like to supplement with lessons/classes but am having trouble finding ones for kids (8, 6, 4). Also open to private lessons for all three together if reasonably priced and with a native speaker. Thanks!

    I can recommend. Roberta Binarelli who can be reached at robibinarelli [at]

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Italian immersion for toddler

March 2009

Hello, I see a few postings from several years ago in regards to Italian day care and preschools but when I google for these things I can't locate them in the East Bay. There seems to be an Italian preschool in Marin and one in the South bay. My husband and I are in the planning stages of moving to Italy and would really like to introduce our 3 year old to the language. I'm taking a class through CCSF and am doing some very limited vocabulary with her. I would like to find a class that is directed to her age group that I could send her too. Does anyone have any recommendations or know of any Italian classes for 3 year olds? Thank you kelly

Congratulations for your plans to move to Italy! We are in a similar situation so I have various ideas for you. The short version:1) There's a preschool in San Raphael.2) Start an evening Italian class in your house for all 3 of you ( very affordable if you find 2-3 other students and split the fee). That's what we do. 3) Get an Italian-speaking babysitter ( we just found one) 4) Come to Bambini Ciao Playgroup- first Saturday of the month 10:30-11:30 Temescal Library basement $5 5)If you get basic cable with Comcast, you can pay $10 a month and get one channel of Italian tv. There are about 40 min of kids shows a day, but just listening to the language is the key ( for you and your child).If you don't want to get cable, you can do the same with streaming video if you Google Raiclic or is it Raiclick and look for the children's programming link. Kids shows are great for adult vocabulary building too! When my daughter was 3, our favorites were ''The BiBi's'', ''Albero Azuro,'! ' and the Italian translated-version of the Teletubbies. JM

Hi, I know of a school called ''Mondo Bambini'' in Berkeley. Here is the scoop: INTERESTED? For more information on tuition, classroom policies, and application procedures, please email us at eastbaybimbi [at] WHAT IS MONDO BAMBINI? We are the only Italian-immersion programfor young children in the East Bay. Children need not be exposed to Italian before enrolling, but a careful balance is maintained to ensure that Italian is the primary language used by the children. Teachers will only speak Italian to the children. Please let us know if you have any questions. Laura E. Ruberto, Ph.D. Angelo Del Priore Co-director Co-director good luck with your search! lucia

You might try Italingua, an Italian language school with locations in both San Francisco and in Berkeley, on Center Street near City Hall: I'm not sure if they offer lessons for children, but they do have private lessons. There is also the Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana, a language school in South San Francisco: You could also try the Italian Department at UC Berkeley (; they have a binder which lists local Italian tutors, and also the Italian Cultural Institute : I hope this is useful, and Buon Viaggio. Jim

Classes for family going to Italy

June 2007

Our family is going to Italy for a week this summer and thought it would be fun (and perhaps useful!) to learn some basic conversational Italian together. Anyone know of a good teacher that would be willing to work with us over the next few weeks? I tried Berkeley Adult school but you need to be over 18 years old. Thanks.

My wife and I have taken Italian lessons from (Maria) Rita Biasin in Berkeley. She's an instructor at Albany and Berkeley Adult Schools. Her number is in the phone book. Bart

Affordable Italian Classes?

May 2005

Hi! Just starting to think about Italian classes that fit our budget and schedule. We prefer if your native language is Italian. We are located in the Rockridge- Oakland Hills area. Thank you!

I have been taking Italian lessons with Arianna Gallo, who is a native of Milan and gives lessons for small groups and also individual lessons in Berkeley. I've been pretty happy with the class. I don't know if this meets your definition of affordable, but you can check out her website at:
Italian student

Intermediate classes for an adult

Sept 2003

I am interested in small group or private Italian lesson. Can anyone recommend a teacher or classes. My level was intermediate. Now I am pretty rusty. alison

Contact the Italian consulate in SF. They can put you in touch with the local cultural office (whatever the Italian equivalent is of Germany's Goethe Institut or France's Alliance Francaise). A colleague of mine takes italian lessons there and has very much enjoyed them. Eric