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  • Italian classes / lessons for the family

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    Would like to start taking Italian for our family of 4. Two adults, two kids 14 and 12. 

    Local community colleges don’t offer Italian. We’d love to find an in-person class or tutor. Any info appreciated. 


    I know a wonderful Italian tutor.  I know she has worked with adults and children.  Her name is Antonella Turchetti.  Her email is antoturca [at] yahoo.com

  • My daughter is part of an Italian language immersion playgroup (2-3 year olds) and we are urgently seeking a native Italian speaker to assist with the playgroup on Mondays and Tuesdays (and possibly Wednesdays) starting September or October. We are looking for someone who lives in the Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville or El Cerrito area and who has some experience working with young children -- playing games, music, art etc. The group consists of four other families and we are all raising our children bilingual (one parent in each family is Italian). We are looking to fill the position as soon as possible. If you are interested or know someone who might be who loves sharing their Italian language, this is a wonderful opportunity -- please contact me immediately!!

    It may be worth contacting my Italian teacher. She teaches in Berkeley on Thursdays and Fridays and is just a delightful young woman. Her name is Sole Consoli and her email is soleconsoli [at] gmail.com. If you contact her, let her know that you got her name from me, please.

    Good Luck. Buona Fortuna!


    Google 'viola's notes'. She would be absolutely perfect for your group. This is exactly what she does. Good luck 

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Italian language and culture tutor

Aug 2013

Our family (three adults and two kids, ages 5 and 9) are going to Italy next summer. We thought it would be fun to have someone teach us a bit of Italian and teach the kids a little about Italian culture (the adults have all been there before). Please let me know if you have any recommendations. Thanks! Excited for Italy

I would contact the Italian cultural institute in sf. Ask diletta the director for some recommendations. Arbella

Greetings! I think you'll find someone who can help you, here: http://www.florentia.com./Florentia_Walking_Tours/Introduction.html This is a Florence walking tour company that is based in Florence and Berkeley. I know one of the owners and he's the most wonderful font of Italian culture, food and language you could ever wish to meet! Good luck - wish I was going there myself! Italian art lover

Italian tutor for teen

Sept 2010

My 15 year old son, who has been taking French for several years, is interested in learning Italian as well, with an eye to spending some time abroad. Anybody know any good Italian classes or (preferably) tutors? Berkeley mama

The Italian Department at UC Berkeley keeps a list of tutors in Italian; you can write to issahr [at] berkeley.edu to get in touch with the staff person who keeps the list, Moriah van Vliet. buona fortuna! Linda

If your teen wants to learn ''la bella lingua'' I highly recommend the Italingua Institute (www.italingua.com) which has evening classes in Berkeley and San Francisco. I've been taking classes for over a year now with mostly adults but there have been a few high school students as well. You can arrange private lessons. The teachers are delightful, knowledgable, native Italians. Also Albany Adult School has Italian classes but I haven't taken any there. In bocca al lupo... Brenda