Italian classes & activities for toddlers in the East Bay

I am looking for Italian language activities for my 2.3 daughter. I speak Italian and my husband does not (is learning). I'd love to immerse her more but there doesn't seem to be a preschool or other things that I can find in the East Bay. Does anyone know of anything or is also Italian speaking and want to gather to put something informal together?

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I speak Italian (or used to speak since I haven’t had anyone to speak with in a few years…) and did a few Italian Meet Up groups in the past, but not sure if they’re still active since COVID. I was unsuccessful in finding anything for my 3 year old daughter so she’s now in a French immersion preschool. I’d be happy to meet up in a park for a play date/Italian practice. 

Fox and Bear day care is Italian immersion. Olga, the director might know of activities if you’re not looking for full-on day care. ciao!