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  • Summer film classes?

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    I am looking for a film class for my daughter over the summer. She is a rising junior and has solid self-taught skills on Final Cut Pro.

    Thanks for any recommendations!

    Hi - I don't actually have any recommendations for online classes (though she should check out Berkeley Public Media once we are reopened -- its the Berkeley Public Access channel and offers terrific and FREE opportunities for the Berkeley community to make films). But I do have a kid (son, rising Senior) crazy about film and applying to film school. I would love to create  a community of film kids. At this point, he learns as much from his peers as from classes. Let me know privately if you'd like them to try and connect. 


    Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) offers classes for high schoolers.

    I have taken some of their adult ed classes in motion graphics and found it to be a good organization.

  • I am looking for a good film/media/video teacher who has experience working with young people on the autism spectrum.  My son is interested in film and video and I think  he could really benefit from being able to express himself creatively through this medium.

    My son enjoys creating videos on The company used to be called Go Animate. The platform is very intuitive and has figured out how to add elements, make edits, and sync audio for videos really by himself. His videos are quite funny and the monthly subscription is affordable. I know you asked for a coach but this may be something your child can begin trying out until you find one. My child is on the spectrum as well. 

    Try posting to

    Hello! I used to work at Youth beat media formerly media enterprise alliance and we teach photo and video production to students in Oakland. We have had students on the spectrum before and some have done really well. It’s a safe space. And all the students I have worked with there that I was aware of  being on the autism spectrum have all returned for multiple years.  Here is a link

    I can recommend Allison Leigh Holt as a media tutor. She is one of the only "adults" who has been able to get my son to overcome his extreme social phobia and open up. She has a depth of sensitivity to special needs folks that is rare. I have also seen the work of some of her other students and it is all very creative, expressive, and sometimes hilarious! I think her students are very lucky to have found her!

    She is listed on BPN here:

    Her website:

    Good luck!

  • Hello,

    My son's passion is film. He's gone to a film camp for several summers but wants to attend a quality intensive program where he can work with other kids who are passionate about film as well. I'm in search of reviews (negative or positive) about any of these "pre-college" programs: Cal Arts summer film program, Chapman University Summer Film Academy, and UCLA Digital Film Summer Institute. If anyone knows of other such programs they'd recommend, I'd love to hear about them!

    Thank you!

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Summer programs for filmmaking

Feb 2013

We are looking for a summer program in filmmaking for our high school son. He is applying to CSSSA, but it sounds fairly competitive, so we'd like a backup in the event that he doesn't get in. Can anyone else recommend other similar programs? We have looked at East Bay Media Center and TILT, but they don't seem as intense (they are shorter programs that meet for fewer hours). Thanks for any ideas!

Take a look at National High School Institute at Northwestern University ( It is much more expensive than CSSSA but a strong film program and not as competitive to get into. My daughter was interested in screenwriting and was accepted to CSSSA for creative writing (with focus on screenwriting) and NHSI (with focus on screenwriting). She chose NHSI, and I was okay with spending the extra money so she could really see if filmmaking was for her. (She decided yes, but production more than writing). The program was 6 days a week, and with evening screenings and discussions went all day and late into the evening, pretty much.

As for competitiveness in getting in, call and talk with them -- that was helpful for me. wbrown

You may want to check into the Academy of Arts University (San Francisco) Pre-College Summer Program. They offer a six-week summer session for high school students in a variety of art-related fields, including some in Film and TV. You can check it out here:

Summer teen filmmaking classes/interns

March 2012

My 17 year old daughter will be spending part of the summer in Berkeley. She attends boarding school out of state, and I will be moving back to Berkeley from LA this summer, so she won't know any teens her age. Any suggestions for cooking, baking, or film making classes, programs, or short term internship opportunities are much appreciated! She did try the 3 week digital filmmaking program in downtown Berkeley a couple summers ago, but it didn't turn out too well because she ended up being paired with an 11 year old girl who was too young for the program. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Depending on how old your child is, you might want to consider Camp EdTech. It's a digital media camp just for 5th - 9th graders. They offer movie making, as well as 2-D and 3-D video gaming, animation, digital photography and fashion graphics and are in three locations in the East Bay, as well as seven others throughout the area. Their website is if you want to check it out. My children love the camp and I highly recommend it. Margot

Film making class for teens near Berkeley

Nov 2011

My 16 year old is interested in joining a film making class. does anyone know of one in the area of Oakland, Alameda or Berkeley? Thanks Cynthia

My son did a 3 week film camp at the East Bay Media Center in downtown Berkeley last summer, and loved it. I don't know if they have classes during the schoolyear, but you should definitely check them out. a

My son has gotten a lot from The Media Center in Berkeley.In their summer program/camp he's been part of teams making films, and one of their films was screened at the Berkeley Film Festival. Kathy

Classes at Berkeley Community Media TV station?

March 2011

Have any of your teens had experience with the classes and/or internships at the Berkeley Community Media TV station? What did they do? learn? what were their interests and were they met? Would love to hear about it. Thank you! Teen mom

For those of you looking for a film making experience for your teens, I highly recommend the 3 week summer program at East Bay Media in downtown Berkeley. The folks who run the place (Paul and Mel) are truly wonderful, and kids get a very rich experience in learning to make films! Google ''Make TV'' or East Bay Media and you'll learn about their summer program. My son did their summer program for a # of years, from middle school through high school and is becoming a film maker as a result! deb

TILT Summer Film Camp

May 2009

TILT at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center has an amazing Summer Film Camp for Teens ages 14-19. I enrolled my son a couple of years ago and he had a great time! The instructors were fabulous, patient and knowledgeable. He has continued making films due to his experience at TILT.

I also know several other young people who have participated in the TILT Summer Film Camp and they had an equally wonderful experience. Not only did they make their very own film, but their films have gone on to screen at the De Young, the San Rafael Film Center and at the San Francisco Women's Film Festival. If you have a son or daughter interested in making media or learning more about it, I recommend TILT whole-heartedly!

You can check out their website at . For the summer page, it is:

They are accepting registrations now for their June/July & July/August sessions :) -Bernadette

East Bay Media Center summer camp

April 2008

Has anyone ever enrolled their kid in the East Bay Media Center's summer media camp? It is a 3 week session of film making - I would love some feedback. karen

East Bay Media Center's summer camp has been wonderful for our 17 yo son. He started going 4 years ago and has been every year. Paul and Mel are supportive, kind and know the business very well. They are able to encourage kids to explore their own ideas as well as give clear guidance for technical aspects of film and video. They really talk to the kids and the kind of respect they show the campers is what they ask from the kids also. Overall, it's a well run and fun camp. chiliconmom

Filmmaking or tv production schools

Jan 2006

I'm looking for a filmmaking or tv production school for my teenage daughter. She will be attending one in San Francisco, but I'm wondering if there is anything in the East Bay. Alix

The East Bay Media Center has a 3 week summer camp in television/video production. My son has attended for the last 2 years and loves it so much that we now have to plan his summer around it. The teachers are wonderful, attentive and very knowledgable. You can get more info at: They don't have the 2006 dates listed yet but should very soon.

Summer programs for teen who wants to make movies

May 2005

Does anyone know of summer programs for teens who want to learn how to make movies, other than the NY Film Academy? It would be great to hear from anyone whose child has taken classes at the Academy of Art, or a local community college. Anything at New Expressions?

A member asked if anyone knew of a good opportunity to learn film making. My son has - for the past year - has been involved with a group called ''The Factory''. He started in a summer program and now is going through out the school year. There is an application and interview process. Here is the website if you are interested: The umbrella company is ''Youth Sounds''

Diablo Valley College (DVC), in Pleasant Hill has a fabulous digital video class (and multimedia program in general). I've taken the beginning class a couple of times. They are open to teens as well. Melanie

Summer film-making class for teen

Dec 2000

My 17 year old daughter attended a summer program called Young Filmmaker's Worskhop in Rockport, Maine last summer for 2 weeks and had a great time. Check it out at . Ruth


I believe Mills College has a summer camp for teens in computers and film-making. My younger daughter went to their summer camp for younger kids and had a really good experience. I know they just sent out their camp brochures- call the college soon because I think the spaces fill up quickly. It is a beautiful campus, and great facilities (brand new pool, etc.), good counselors, etc.. Dianne

2 suggestions for filmmaking (not video production) classes:

The Film Arts Foundation in SF has 16mm film production classes offered 4 or 5 times a year. They are 8-10 weeks long, teaching all the basics of cinematography, lighting, editing, and creative aspects. They are not geared to children per se, but at 15 1/2, I'd say a smart, self-assurred kid could really soar. All students produce a short film during the class. Film Arts Foundation phone number is 415.552-8760.

Another resource is Cal Arts in Valencia. They host a film/video production class for high school kids for 8 (?) weeks in the summer. I have a friend who teaches there and always has rave reviews of the students and projects. for California Institute of the Arts in Valencia,

The filmmmaking classes at Cal Arts, Valencia are taught throught the California State Summer School for the Arts program. There is a website at URL:


I phoned my friend Greta Snider, who teaches there. Greta says the deadline for this year's applications has probably passed, so your daughter could apply for next year perhpas. Also, the financial aid is very generous.

For video production classes (for youth and/or adult), I'd call East Bay Media Center on University (843.3699). They do classes at the Center, or can put you in touch with other resources.

UC Extension summer catalog is another resource.

Good luck, Claire
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