Summer film classes?


I am looking for a film class for my daughter over the summer. She is a rising junior and has solid self-taught skills on Final Cut Pro.

Thanks for any recommendations!

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Hi - I don't actually have any recommendations for online classes (though she should check out Berkeley Public Media once we are reopened -- its the Berkeley Public Access channel and offers terrific and FREE opportunities for the Berkeley community to make films). But I do have a kid (son, rising Senior) crazy about film and applying to film school. I would love to create  a community of film kids. At this point, he learns as much from his peers as from classes. Let me know privately if you'd like them to try and connect. 


RE: Summer film classes? ()

Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) offers classes for high schoolers.

I have taken some of their adult ed classes in motion graphics and found it to be a good organization.