Looking for film/media/video teacher for my son who is on the autism spectrum

I am looking for a good film/media/video teacher who has experience working with young people on the autism spectrum.  My son is interested in film and video and I think  he could really benefit from being able to express himself creatively through this medium.

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My son enjoys creating videos on Vyond.com. The company used to be called Go Animate. The platform is very intuitive and has figured out how to add elements, make edits, and sync audio for videos really by himself. His videos are quite funny and the monthly subscription is affordable. I know you asked for a coach but this may be something your child can begin trying out until you find one. My child is on the spectrum as well. 

Try posting to bavc.org

Hello! I used to work at Youth beat media formerly media enterprise alliance and we teach photo and video production to students in Oakland. We have had students on the spectrum before and some have done really well. It’s a safe space. And all the students I have worked with there that I was aware of  being on the autism spectrum have all returned for multiple years.  Here is a link https://youthbeat.org/

I can recommend Allison Leigh Holt as a media tutor. She is one of the only "adults" who has been able to get my son to overcome his extreme social phobia and open up. She has a depth of sensitivity to special needs folks that is rare. I have also seen the work of some of her other students and it is all very creative, expressive, and sometimes hilarious! I think her students are very lucky to have found her!

She is listed on BPN here:  https://www.berkeleyparentsnetwork.org/tutors/filmvideo-media-art-mentoring-autisticslearning-disabilitiesies

Her website: https://www.neurodivergentmedia.net/

Good luck!