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RE: Pilates for Dancers? ()

The Conservatory of Classical Ballet in San Leandro (right off 580 at the Dutton Ave exit) has a Thursday afternoon Pilates class for ballet dancers. 

My daughter's ballet studio offers classes for beginning students of all ages and I'm sure your daughter would find it a welcoming environment. The Conservatory of Classical Ballet is in San Leandro, so not exactly local to you, but not too far either! They offer evening and weekend classes too.

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Nov 2008

Re: Ballet class for 3 year old
My 4YO has been doing Pre-Ballet I at Conservatory of Classical Ballet in San Leandro. She certainly likes it. The other moms in my neighborhood say it's a classical program, implying they want something looser for their kids (more along the lines of Kids'n'Dance). I can't tell what classical really means, since I don't know beans about ballet. But along with positions and following directions they do running around (a.k.a. ''scarf dance'') every class. For my kid it's a good mix of play and discipline. You can come check it out Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. -- I think no one would mind if you watched. Certainly the parents do. Also, San Leandro isn't that far. It's just two exits below the Oakland zoo off 580. Cathy