We Rock the Spectrum Kids' Gym

No longer in business
Preschoolers, Kinder, School-Aged
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  • Aug 2021: The Berkeley site seems to have closed - see their website

We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and fun environment to foster learning, exploration and safe sensory experiences. Through our nonprofit My Brother Rocks The Spectrum Foundation, we provide social skills groups and activities for children across the spectrum.

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

May 2015

RE: Summer program for 3yo girl for the week of June15

There's very little in the way of preschool camps that week for some reason! I had to schedule that week off of work, but then I later found there's camp at We Rock the Spectrum kids' gym in Berkeley. As the name might imply, they encourage participation of kids on the autism spectrum, but they're very inclusive so they have plenty of neurotypical kids too. If you've never been there, it's really fun- check out their open play sometime. We haven't done their camps before, but we like to play there, and it looks like you can flexibly sign up for whatever days you want. Just an idea! Good Luck

Nov 2014

RE: Winter Break Camps for 4 & 6 y.o.s

Check out the new play space and sensory gym in Berkeley (off Ashby on 7th) called We Rock the Spectrum. It's awesome! They have day camps for all children with activities your child will love. http://www.werockthespectrumberkeley.com/index.php They are fairly new (although its a franchise, the rest are in Southern CA) so I didn't see details for their camps up on their website but I know they have them- just call them.