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Su Yun's Chinese Learning Center
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At Su Yun’s Chinese Learning Center, our mission is to blend the teaching of Chinese heritage with a touch of modern innovation through a project-based, design-thinking methodology. Utilizing the latest in technology, science, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) as teaching vehicles, Su Yun’s Chinese Learning Center aims to immerse students in the Mandarin language through authentic Chinese arts, music, history, folklore, food, and other genuine experiences, with a goal to inspire students to be inquisitive and thoughtful.

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I recommend Su Yun’s Chinese Learning Center, on Talbot Ave:

The kids learn Chinese (no problem if no one in your family speaks Chinese) and do a lot of cool projects and science experiments. It’s definitely structured but the kids also have fun.

When this after school program opened I thought this was a chance for my kindergartener to learn a new language. After just 1.5 months she is going around the house singing "Happy Birthday to You" in Mandarin. And today when she wasn't at the program she told me she was practicing her Chinese writing and (after I consulted with director Michele) found out she wrote the characters for numbers, many of them perfectly. She did it with enthusiasm all on her own.

The bonus I wasn't expecting is that she also does chemistry and other science experiments, simple programming (she likes to make the robot move) and is developing a love of exploring the world around her and of science.

The students are separated into small groups as they rotate through the different stations so she gets to interact with children her own age as well as older kids. They collaborate on a project and work together as a team to improve it, which I think are important life skills. She has made many new friends and actually calls them by their Chinese names. Best of all, everyday she asks if she gets to go to Chinese school.

My son is in kindergarten and recently started at Su Yun. We love it there! He has so much fun learning and tinkering that he never wants to leave when I pick him up. Michele and the teachers are kind and gentle, and they really value learning the language through play and exploration. There are lots of enrichment activities for the kids, with project stations for kitchen experiments, music, a green screen, theater/dress up, and an awesome maker space. They do plenty of cultural arts and crafts as well.  Michele is so calm and thoughtful in her approach with guiding the kids through age-appropriate projects. My son is always coming home eager to show me what he created that day. I also appreciate the range of kids with heritage backgrounds and no prior language experience, so that there was a place for my son along that spectrum. He is thriving and having so much fun learning Chinese at Su Yun! We feel so lucky to be there. --Sabrina