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Pear Tree Community Summer Camp is a social justice camp located in the East Oakland Hills.  Each week we offer a unique theme explored through arts & crafts, cooking, sports & games, & science. Included is a 1hr Montessori academic session. Ages 5-10. 

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  • Pear Tree Summer Camp

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    Hello! I’m looking for reviews of the Pear Tree Summer Camp. It sounds like exactly what I’m looking for for my creative and curious kiddo. Thanks!


    My daughter attended summer camp at Pear Tree for the first time last year and she is now a student at the school. I love the school as a whole, but there are a few things that I especially loved about summer camp. 

    First, the Pear Tree campus is incredible. There is a really gorgeous meadow and playground that gets a lot of use during the summer. Second, my daughter had a lot of fun with the theme weeks. When Pear Tree has a theme, they go all out and it is integrated into field trips, art projects, games, books, etc...  The light academic mornings were perfect for my daughter. Her reading ability really excelled during that time! The summer staff was truly phenomenal. Lastly, my daughter loved the field trips which happen almost weekly during the summer. It's a lovely community and a sweet spot and summers are a favorite time for everyone.



    My daughter loved it.

    We did Pear Tree Summer Camp this past summer. Our (then 4-year old) daughter was originally scheduled for four weeks, but we made it five after her first summer camp didn't work out (for neither her or the camp). She had a great experience at Pear Tree. The school is very calming and nurturing, as is the staff. Our daughter didn't have any classroom experience going into the camp, but they worked with her to adapt (they do an hour of classroom work daily). There was a lot of outdoor time, a few field trips, spirit week, and often they prepared their own snacks and lunches (which were sometimes hit and miss with my picky kid, but hey, she just had to suck it up). My kid is pretty headstrong and dominate, and I think Pear Tree helped her develop her "softer side" a little more, which was appreciative. We'll likely be applying to send her to Pear Tree again this summer, which will be a welcome respite after a year of OUSD! 

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RE: Summer Camp for Introverts? ()

Also would recommend Pear Tree. The location is calming, the staff is calming, and it has a small camp environment. My kid is going again this year, although not a calm, introverted kid!  I look at the camp as a respite from the more kinetic OUSD environment.

RE: Summer Camp for Introverts? ()

Pear Tree Summer Camp has a lot of the things that you are looking for. The camp is open for 8 weeks and your daughter could have the same 2 staff people the entire time she participates. Your camper would be in a group of 15 kids or less. The morning starts with a circle and a supported academic session. The rest of the the day has both free play and structured activities.