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I help people of all ages develop a healthy – and playful – relationship with their singing and speaking voice. My students learn to sing and speak with a natural authenticity – a solid tone, an easy breath and a simple, open-hearted presence.

My teaching philosophy: if it’s not play, it’s not working.

In-person singing has always been a highly infectious activity, but until this year, the infections we could get were easily and inexpensively treated, and for the most part, not fatal.  I'm anxious to see how the science and public health guidance regarding COVID-19 evolves.  In the meantime, I'm teaching over Zoom. 

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Michèle Voillequé is an amazing voice coach located near you.  My daughter loves her. http://www.mvmusik.com/,  (510) 552-8160,  singermv [at] gmail.com" rel="nofollow">singermv [at] gmail.com

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Aug 2013

RE: I want to sing!

Michele Voilleque is an incredible singing teacher, and more importantly, I think you would be a good match. I think with the kind of humor you expressed in your post, the two of you would really resonate! Her email is singermv [at] gmail.com 

June 2012

RE: Basic singing lessons for tuneless 8 year old

I know the perfect person for your daughter! Michele Voilleque teaches people to sing and she is so fun and playful and funny and sweet that your daughter will love it. Michele won't judge her, but will take her from where she is and gently guide her into tunefulness. Her motto is ''if it's not play, it's not working'', which is just how she is. She is near the Colusa Circle, so very convenient too. It'll be so wonderful when you finally get to enjoy your daughter's singing, while she's enjoying herself too! Cynthia

April 2012

RE: Voice Lessons for Adult?

I highly recommend my voice teacher, Michele Voilleque. http://www.mvmusik.com/mvmusik.com/Home.html
singing mom

I will repeat my recommendation for Michele Voilleque (http://www.mvmusik.com), a voice teacher in North Berkeley (she also teachers piano and violin). I think she would be a good fit for what you're looking for--she aims to help you improve your singing to get more enjoyment out of it. From what I've observed she is not obsessed with the ''technical component'' of performing.
Parent of one of Michele's students

Jan 2012

RE: Can I learn how to sing?

Michele Voilleque is a wonderful singing teacher who I think could help you. I'm very impressed with her knowledge and personality. She teaches my granddaughter, but I'm sure she's very good with adults. She makes it fun while giving thorough and helpful knowledge. See her website: www.mvmusik.com/mvmusik.com

I would be happy to recommend Michele Voilleque. She is wonderful and very talented. She does private lessons and group classes, kids and adults, and she is a wonderful singer! I have heard her many times. Her info: 510-552-8160 www.mvmusik.com Good luck!

Sept 2012

RE: Voice/Speaking and Singing Lessons in Berkeley?

Hi, I would highly recommend Michele Volique. She is a super nice person with a passion for singing, she so welcoming, I know you will find it easy to be around her! And her voice is amazing, ask her to sing for you, it will seal the deal!! Singermv [at] gmail.com 
Thanks Eric 

Dec 2011

RE: Vocal lessons for 8 year old

An enthusiastic recommendation for Michele Voilleque, http://www.mvmusik.com/mvmusik.com/Home.html Michele is the director of the Youth and Children's Choir at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley, is a wonderful singer herself, has two children of her own, and is fun, compassionate, and a wonderful teacher. Albany Dad

Dec 2011

RE: Voice lessons for child who is not a ''natural''

Michele Voilleque is a natural at connecting with people, playing with them and making singing fun and natural-feeling without judgement. She goes for the joy of singing while teaching how to find the notes. Definitely give her a call at 510-552-8160 or email at singermv

Dec 2011

RE: Voice lessons for 10 year old girl

I highly recommend Michele Voilleque of MVMusik.com She has worked with at least one other girl who was accepted to OSA a few years ago. She is terrific at building rapport with kids (and adults)! Lisa

Sept 2011

RE: Finding my singing voice

I highly recommend Michele Voilleque as a singing teacher. She has an incredible joy of life and love of teaching. She will make you laugh and sing with a smile on your face and lightness in your heart. Her phone is 510-552-8160 and web site is www.mvmusik.com.

I highly recommend MVMusik - a fun, compassionate, passionate place to find your voice! http://mvmusik.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michele-Voilleque-musician-and-teacher/124591817554609

Aug 2011

RE: Voice teacher for a 10 year old

Michele Voilleque is a voice teacher in North Berkeley, a great music educator, and a lot of fun to work with. She has a lot of experience teaching singing to children. Her contact information is on her website, http://mvmusik.com/mvmusik.com/Home.html Please feel to contact me if you want more information.

Our 14 y.o. is really enjoying Michele Voilleque: http://www.mvmusik.com/mvmusik.com/Home.html We find her lovely, with reasonable fees, and a very user- friendly website which allows us to book appointments over the computer. She's in a great location in Berkeley/Kensington right near the Kensington Circle, and Solano Ave.

March 2011

RE: Group singing-a class for adults?

I enthusiastically recommend Michele Voilleque's group classes for adults. Michele is warm, fun, encouraging, not to mention being a great teacher and singer. Her website is www.mvmusik.com, and she's on Facebook, too. Whatever you do, sing well and have fun! pwh 

Oct 2010

RE: Does anybody know great voice teacher Berkeley?

Michelle Voilleque is a exceptional voice teacher. I take singing with another teacher, but would use her in a second. She is accomplished and very fun at the same time. suzanne

The person you want to call is Michele Voilleque. Michele is one of a kind. She gave our daughter confidence in herself. Helped her explore her passion for singing and get accepted to Oakland School of the Arts. She is gentle, fun, positive and above all, incredibly professional. Her contact info: mvmusik [at] earthlink.net www.mvmusik.com 510-552-8160 Yaron