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Berkeley, CA
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Myriam 9/99
You may want to give the folks at Kids 'N Clay a call. They have kid and adult classes. They are located at 1824 Fifth Street in West Berkeley. Their phone number is 510/845-0982. I haven't taken a class there but when I've walked by the kids seem to be having a great time.

Michael (11/99)

I don't know about drawing or painting, but there are terrific pottery classes at Kids'n'Clay, taught by a gifted potter, artist, and teacher, Kevin Nierman. Call 845-0982 for times of the teen classes (typically late afternoon) located at 1824 5th Street (the 4th Street area) in North Berkeley. Michael

From: Diana (3/98)

Kids 'n Clay on Fourth Street - Kevin is a great teacher, my daughter loved taking classes there - call soon, as they tend to get booked up real fast.

From: Lucy

I also would recommend Kids 'N Clay (actually on 5th St. at Hearst). My 10 year old stepdaughter has been taking classes there for several years and really enjoys it. She has learned a lot and has had opportunities to try different techniques.