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Our mission is to inspire a deep sense of humanity through the art of choral music at a formative time in children’s development. Music brings us together, not only within the individual, but also in forming community, and finally in responsible and compassionate relationship to our world. 
Choristers, girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 15 learn to sing music from the finest traditions of classical, jazz, gospel, and world folk music, in their original languages.

Our choir offers children the opportunity to perform in several concerts throughout Bay Area, to participate in retreats, local and international tours and to take part in a professional Musical Theatre production each year.

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My daughter has been going to Kairos since September and she loves it. We agreed to just check it out for a month, but after the very first rehearsal she was hooked! A month later, she was singing at high-profile concerts with the California Society, so that was pretty exciting. In addition to their two big concerts, Kairos often gets invited to sing at other events and do some touring, even overseas. My daughteris a freshman in high school and is currently one of the oldest chorus members, so we are hoping more teens will join so they can get the high school choir going full strength. Currently, the age range is from 6-15The audition was easy and low-key, and the kids are very welcoming to newcomers.  Laura, the director, is formerly of SF Girls Chorus. She is deeply passionate about the power of music, and really brings out the best in her singers. Her husband is the pianist and also composes some original pieces; all the kids love him. The kids learn choral music as well as musical theater, classical, jazz, gospel, and world folk music in their original languages. It's a great balance of fun and professionalism, and very community-minded -- so if your child loves singing and wants to learn great music, meet new friends, and participate in outstanding performances, check out their winter concert on December 11 at 6 pm at St. John's Church 2727 College Ave in Berkeley.  The audition/interviews for Spring 2017 are on January 5th, 2017 by individual appointment from 4:30-6:30 PM at their rehearsal site, 1953 Hopkins Street, in the beautiful  Methodist Church building in North Berkeley. 



Archived Q&A and Reviews

June 2014

RE: Youth Choir for Elementary-Age Boy

My kids went to Kairos for several years. Socially it was a great experience- the kids get to play and hang out and at the same time are exposed to a great musical environment. What I appreciated most about Kairos was the interaction between older and younger kids. The older kids really helped with the younger ones and were great role models. Fran, who is the director for the younger kids, is very lovely and loving towards the kids. The downside of Kairos is that they are not well organized, the director (Laura) has very clear favorites who always get main roles and are treated differently, she tends to be short and arbitrary at times both with children and with parents, not always in the most professional and appropriate way. Time commitment varies: more during rehearsals towards performances...as expected. The problem is- rehearsal times and locations are not always communicated well and parents end up scrambling at the last minute. Choir Parent

Dec 2007

RE: Local kids' chorus for 6 yr old girl

I have not heard them in concert, but Kairos Youth Choir (http://www.kairoschoir.org/) rehearses at Calvary Presbyterian in Berkeley (Virginia & Milvia). I have a friend whose son sings with them. Edna

I believe Kairos choir rehearses in North Berkeley. My son really enjoyed their program. anon

April 2007

RE: My 6-year-old wants to learn to sing opera

The Kairos Youth Choir in north Berkeley sounds perfect for your son. I have a daughter that has sung all day long since toddlerhood and has found great satisfaction in the choir. It is a co-ed choir for 7-12 year olds, practices at the Calvary Pres. Church on Virginia St.(not church affiliated). They sing world music, sacred music, often in several languages, and the big plus for your son is they do musical theater in the Spring. This year it ''Fiddler on the Roof'' , last year it was ''Musicians of Bremen''. It's similar to the Piedmont Choir a bit more relaxed feeling, although aspirations are equally high. (The director was formerly artistic director for the renowned S.F. Girls Chorus. She went co-ed because thinks the boys voices add a richer quality.). My daughter was part of another musical theater group before, but they were singing fairly ''adult'' parts, dressing provocatively (fishnets and high heels on my 7 y.o.), and there was too little focus on actual development of vocal skills. Kairos is a bit more wholesome and the improvements in her singing are quite noticable over time. There are several other boys, and they are made to feel welcome- in fact they seem to get alot of positive attention from the girls as boys that actually share their interests! There is a yearly retreat, and local and international travel opportunities when he is a bit older. An audition is done but it's very relaxed- at 6 it's mainly to see if they like to sing and can come close to carrying a tune! (My daughter did Do-Re-Mi)

A good place to start is the weeklong summer camp (Choral Festival) in late June that is meant to include kids from outside the Choir. It's about $175 for the week and scholarshops are availible. Go to www.kairoschoir.org for more info. Mom of a songbird

Jan 2003

The Kairos Youth Choir provides a superb musical education and the exhilarating experience of performing beautiful, complex choral music. Kairos choristers, boys and girls ages 7 to 15, study choral music from the finest traditions of classical, gospel, world folk music and musical theatre. Each year, choristers learn to sing in at least five different languages. They learn a lot, not only about music, but about presentation, self-confidence, and teamwork, and they enjoy themselves thoroughly in the process. Kairos (Greek for the fullness of time ) was founded in 1990 by Laura Kakis Serper, who has vast experience directing children's choruses, including the San Francisco Girls' Chorus and the San Francisco Boys' Chorus. (She is currently the Director of Choral Music at The Crowden School and at the Graduate Theological Union, Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley.) The non-denominational Choir has appeared in many community, civic, and cultural events including singing for the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, the Berkeley Opera, and the Hard Nut with the Mark Morris Dance Group. Kairos Choristers come from well over a dozen different East Bay schools, and the children form a unique bond with each other. The Choir meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:15 in North Berkeley, 2401 LeConte Ave. (There is also a High School group called Kalones which meets only once a week). You can call 849-8271 for more information, or go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KairosFriends to be added to the email list for announcements, events and auditions.