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Superpower of the Song™, We offer high quality virtual music education to incite creativity and inspiration to last a lifetime, for children, teens and adults.

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RE: Online Piano Instruction ()

I recommend Kadie Kelly and Superpower of the Song for Piano lessons, we're doing zoom lessons now.  I'd also like to recommend a violin teacher who does kids and grown ups, violin and music theory.  Ilana the violin teacher: itzdat2002 [at] and Kadie the piano teacher: kadiekelly [at]  They are both great and teaching my kids.  Both are local for when things get back to normal.

My daughter attended the Superpower of the Song summer camp last year as a 6 year old. She LOVED it! She has requested to attend this camp two more times this year. The kids are exposed to a wide variety of instruments. The instructors are professional musicians but they are fun and know how to engage children, and let kids be kids! All while still teaching them how to properly use the instruments and appreciate music. The best part of the week is the group performance. It's a sight to see. It's great to see the kids so confident and show their musical capabilities. My daughter will continue to attend the Superpower of the Song summer camp for years to come. 

My kids have done Superpower of the Song summer camp for years now and love it! The mixture of piano, percussion, and violin is perfect for holding their attention, and they have a great time trying out a variety of instruments in a fun, encouraging environment.There's also ample outdoor and creative play combined with making music. The week culminates in a group performance and it's always impressive to see how far they come in their confidence and musical abilities. The camp is hosted by incredibly knowledgeable musicians who perform with Bay Area symphonies and at other venues.This year my two children, ages 9 and 12, are looking forward to this camp most of all!  I cannot recommend it enough. 

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Feb 2012

RE: In-home piano lessons for 6 and 8 year olds

Hello, My 5 1/2 year old daughter recently started taking lessons with Kadie Kelly, and so far we have been very pleased. She comes to our home once a week for 30 minutes. Kadie makes the lessons fun and has good strategies for working with my daughter, whose silliness and energy has to be creatively channeled to result in a productive piano lesson. Kadie's website is


March 2011

RE: Piano Teacher Recommendation-Oakland/Berkeley

My six year old step daughter started taking piano lessons with Kadie Kelly recently, who is an adorable and energetic and really enthusiastic piano teacher. We are so happy with her way of teaching. My daughter comes home really happy and wants to talk about what she learned and practice. She is having fun and learning at the same time. If you want your child to take lessons I would recommend working with Kadie. She also teaches adults - for any of you parents out there who have yet to fulfill your life dream of being able to play.:) Her email address is kadiekelly [at] Belen