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Nov 2011

Re: Film making class for teens near Berkeley

My son did a 3 week film camp at the East Bay Media Center in downtown Berkeley last summer, and loved it. I don't know if they have classes during the schoolyear, but you should definitely check them out. a

My son has gotten a lot from The Media Center in Berkeley.In their summer program/camp he's been part of teams making films, and one of their films was screened at the Berkeley Film Festival. Kathy

March 2011

Re: Classes at Berkeley Community Media TV station?

For those of you looking for a film making experience for your teens, I highly recommend the 3 week summer program at East Bay Media in downtown Berkeley. The folks who run the place (Paul and Mel) are truly wonderful, and kids get a very rich experience in learning to make films! Google ''Make TV'' or East Bay Media and you'll learn about their summer program. My son did their summer program for a # of years, from middle school through high school and is becoming a film maker as a result! deb

April 2008

Re: East Bay Media Center summer camp

East Bay Media Center's summer camp has been wonderful for our 17 yo son. He started going 4 years ago and has been every year. Paul and Mel are supportive, kind and know the business very well. They are able to encourage kids to explore their own ideas as well as give clear guidance for technical aspects of film and video. They really talk to the kids and the kind of respect they show the campers is what they ask from the kids also. Overall, it's a well run and fun camp. chiliconmom

Jan 2006

Re: Filmmaking or tv production schools

The East Bay Media Center has a 3 week summer camp in television/video production. My son has attended for the last 2 years and loves it so much that we now have to plan his summer around it. The teachers are wonderful, attentive and very knowledgable. You can get more info at: http://www.eastbaymediacenter.com/summer%20media%20camp.shtml They don't have the 2006 dates listed yet but should very soon.


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