Berkeley Barracudas

Berkeley, CA
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City of Berkeley
Kinder, School-Aged, Preteens, Teens

Berkeley Barracudas swim team is operated by the City of Berkeley at King Pool and West Campus Pool for children 5-17.

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    I'd love to hear some recent feedback on the Berkeley Barracudas swim team that meets at King Pool. The last feedback on BPN is quite old.

    What's the vibe like?

    Are the coaches and kids kind and encouraging?

    Did you kid(s) benefit from the coaching?

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    Our child has had a great time swimming with Barracudas, but understand that it is not a competitive program. It's great for teaching beginners the strokes in a fun, friendly, low pressure environment (about half play and half instruction for the most beginner group) and for providing exercise for all ages. Don't expect meets with any frequency, though. We've found the coaches to be lovely, patient, and supportive. I appreciate that my child can swim on any given day even with an inconsistent schedule and that the price is very reasonable. If my child develops an interest in swimming more seriously, we will look for a different program, however.

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June 2007

Hi, I have a 5 1/2 year old who loves to swim and was thinking about the Berkeley Baracuda's swim team. I'm not sure if its new, but there is nothing about it on BPN. Has anyone had any experiences with this swim team? Especially for a kid on the younger side? If so, I would love to hear whether your child liked it. What is the quality of the coaching. I was thinking about the 4-5:30 classes at the West Campus Pool. thanks

I don't have personal experience with the Baracuda's swim team (my 5-year old can't make it across the pool quite yet), but I have swum under the head coach, Blythe, with the Berkeley Aquatic Master's team for several years. Yes, it is a new program. Blythe worked very hard with the city to get everything in order and is really excited about having a swim team available to kids. Practices just started up in the late spring, with more frequent workouts scheduled for summer. The hope is that kids have a fun time improving their stroke and working out together as a team, without a lot of focus on competition. Blythe is great with kids and a great coach. I don't think she will be running all the workouts this summer, but she will at least be overseeing all of them. Give it a try! See you in the water!

Coach Blythe is awesome. I swam with her Master's team for a bit and was so impressed with the variety of her workouts, her insight into swimming technique, and her love for coaching. I have swum all my life, competitively for parts of it, and wish that I had had Blythe as a coach when I was younger. She can teach anyone to swim. I can only imagine that her kids team would be the perfect place for a 4 1/2 year old to swim. Bethany