Berkeley Barracudas at King Pool

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Does anyone have any updated information on the Berkeley Barracudas swim team at King Pool?  See below for that the Berkeley website has.  I'm wondering if the beginners program is ok for a 5.5 year-old just learning how to swim?  I hear the King Pool is heated as well - anyone know to how many degrees?  Strawberry Canyon Pool advertises 80-81 degrees, and that feels pretty chilly still.  Any information would be helpful!  Thank you! says this: 

Berkeley Barracudas

  • Offered at: King Pool, West Campus Pool
  • Cost: $100
  • Year-round
  • All Ages
  • Register in-person

All ages can register for a three-week session of the Berkeley Barracudas. The Barracudas work with experienced coaches to build their swimming skills. Available levels are: Beginners, Advanced Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced. Youth must try out in order to participate.

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