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The Alliance Française provides group classes and workshops for bilingual and non bilingual children. Knowledgeable educators foster learning in a natural way, through visual, kinesthetic and auditory experiences. Learn French through crafting and cooking workshops, theater and summer camps.

For those who prefer to work one-on-one with a teacher, or whose schedule requires more flexibility we offer private classes that may be customized to fit your specific needs and goals. 

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  • I'd like to take individual French lessons at the Alliance Francaise. Can anyone recommend for (or against) a particular instructor? I want a good teacher, of course, but I need someone who will understand that my energy is limited by age and by family obligations.

    Bonjour!  I've been taking classes for over a year now at Alliance Française de Berkeley, and I'm very happy with the experience.  Each teacher is different, so you may want to talk with the organizer, Bettina, who you will reach at the info [at]> email address.  She was super welcoming and super helpful in getting me into the right class.  She let me try out classes and then decide.  I haven't taken individual lessons, but I think she could help you decide what kind of teacher would work best with you.  Bonne chance!

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I’d recommend getting in touch directly with someone at the Alliance Française. Even if they don’t have any upcoming classes, I imagine they will be able (and eager) to direct you toward other possible local resources.

It’s been a long time since I was actively involved in any Francophone/-phile communities, but when I was 15/16, I remember attending an Alliance-run French conversation class in preparation for a semester in France (for which nothing could really prepare me, in the end). The class was mixed youth and adult, which didn’t seem to matter terribly much given our (low) ability level. In any event, I enjoyed it and remained  in contact with the instructor for years afterward! This was in Boise, ID, in the late ’90s, so who knows how things are here and now. But it’s worth a shot?

Anyway, AF’s website lists the following contact info:

Phone +510 548 7481
Email info [at] (info[at]afberkeley[dot]org)


The Alliance Francaise in Berkeley may have a recommendation. I take classes there myself. All native speakers from France with approval of the Academic Francaise.

Check out the Alliance Française de Berkeley summer classes for youth.  My daughter is really enjoying the Saturday cooking classes!

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RE: French classes for adults

July 2011

Try the Alliance Francaise in Berkeley: Bon voyage! Yvonne

RE: Group setting for teens to practice French

April 2010

I'm an adult and have been taking classes at the Alliance Francaise in Berkeley for quite some time. Classes are small (8 max.) and congenial. The teachers are native French speakers and very nice. The students tend to be adults, though. I think a teenager would have a good time if they got one or two other teenagers to enroll in the class with them. The Alliance also has monthly conversation evenings, movie evenings, and an occasional interesting lecture, all in French. You don't have to be enrolled in a class to attend them. Check out their website ( for details. Wanna-Be French Speaker