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The Albany Berkeley Girls Softball League (ABGSL) is a recreational and competitive softball league for girls in grades K-9 in Albany and Berkeley, CA. We are a non-profit, volunteer-based, parent-run organization.

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I will second another commenter's suggestion of Albany Berkeley Girls Softball League.  The organization supports all of the positive aspects of a team sport.  The girls are taught to throw, catch and hit the ball.  The games are incredibly supportive, with girls rotating between positions and great care being taken to enable each girl to get a chance to hit the ball.  Parents regularly cheer for both teams.  The girls develop a bond with their teammates and also a sense of individual confidence.  My girls have played on various soccer and basketball leagues and ABGSL is hands down the most welcoming.  If you are looking for a team sport, ABGSL might be a good place to start.

ABGSL!  Albany Berkeley Girls Softball League. Both our girls started in the ‘80’s and the were involved in sports later at BHS and thru college.  They are proud Giants fans…it carries on.  Mostly it’s just fun team camaraderie at first but the skills are like you said, something to be proud of.  It does help to have a family member to “toss the ball” during the week at home… not just at practice.  
Also I see there are still tennis lessons at King Jr High courts.  Good Luck.

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Oct 2006

RE: Softball for 8-year-old girl

If your daughter wants to see what's up with softball, women coaches from the Albany Berkeley Girls Softball League are leading free softball clinics for beginning and experienced players in grades 1-9 (special introductory clinics just for first graders). The clinics are Sunday Nov. 5 and 19, 9 AM-1 PM at Grove/Russell field (Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Russell Street in Berkeley). RSVP required to clinics [at] (clinics[at]abgsl[dot]org) For more information, see http:// or call 510-869-4277. It's fun! Bring a friend and make new ones!

Dec 2005

RE: Softball for 6-year-old girl

Check out the Albany Berkeley Girls Softball League at 510-869-4277 or

Both my daughters play, and they love it. It's open to girls in grades 1-9. No experience is needed. Even if your daughter's never picked up a bat before, she'll learn how to play! I can't say enough good things about the league. It's fun and supportive. All the girls get to play, rotating through the different positions -- so no one spends the whole season on the bench or way, way out there in extreme outfield. There's plenty of action for everyone.

These days, you hear (or see) a lot of negative things about sports parents and competition, how parents sometimes carry things too far. This isn't the case in ABGSL. One of the greatest things is how encouraging the parents, coaches and players are. I'll never forget the game when a young player hit the ball. She stood there, half in shock, and then finally dropped the bat. In her excitement, she started running towards third base (!). Instead of yelling at her, her coach congratulated her on hitting the ball and showing good hustle. Afterwards, she walked away, grinning from ear to ear.

Last spring, my first grader started playing tee-ball (it's called Micro). It's very low- key and oodles of fun. Play time and snacks -- What more can you ask for? softball madre

I would highly recommend the Albany Berkeley Girls Softball League. My Izzy has been playing since she was in first grade and is now in sixth grade. She just loves it and has developed excellent softball skills and has made many, many friends. ABGSL takes girls at all age and skill levels and the play is in a non-competitive atmosphere. ABGSL can be reached at the Howard